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Innovation as a Service

ROCK’s Innovation as a Service team develop completely bespoke solutions to address our clients' unique and complex problems.

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Development on demand

Barriers; challenges; difficulties; opposition – every organisation will need to overcome these at some point. Sometimes, a solution can be found within already existing applications. When the obstruction is significant – if it creates a problem that is highly detrimental to performance – something built for the sole purpose of addressing it is often required.

Whilst custom applications are now easier to commission than ever before, however, identifying developers with the skills needed to create an effective piece of software is problematic. Skillsets are by no means standardised and, of course, as demand severely outstrips supply, costs are typically high. As a result, it is far from uncommon for organisations to instruct developers only to later discover that their bespoke application is not fit-for-purpose.

With the demand for such solutions rarely required to the extent that the cost of a full-time developer can be justified, however, businesses have been shorn of viable alternatives. ROCK’s unique Innovation as a Service provision addresses this.

Innovation with flexibility

By providing clients with access to our highly-skilled development team as required, ROCK help our clients obtain customised software designed to address the unique challenges they face whilst entirely mitigating risks.

Clients are able to instruct our development team for single projects, retain them for a monthly fee or even utilise them on a consultancy basis. This flexibility is teamed with auditing procedures that enable an in-depth understanding of clients’ organisations to enhance the development process and all resultant offerings.

Agile as standard

As needs and requirements change, so to do the solutions we develop. ROCK adopt an agile approach as standard and regularly scrutinise our solutions to ensure that they remain fit for purpose and as effective as possible.


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