Defensive Cyber Security

Defensive Cyber Security

Build defences you can rely on

Defensive Cyber Security

Make security paramount and thrive in the face of uncertainty

The ever-growing sophistication of cyber criminals has resulted in many organisations suffering from security breaches and data loss. As your cyber security expert, ROCK will objectively detect and neutralise sophisticated cyber attacks; monitoring current and emerging threats to defend your users and your organisation. We provide cyber security services that protect and create value by integrating security into everything your organisation does.

Our “blue team” services are delivered by defensive security experts responsible for security management, assessments and analytics, which will inform current risks, maturities and vulnerabilities. Managing a full spectrum of security operations, the blue team will ensure proper incident recovery and response, identifying, investigating and remediating vulnerabilities and restoring services. As part of our defensive security solution, we'll deliver identity and access management, providing tools and governance processes that empower you with the ability to control access information.

Our decades of experience, our partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers and our tried and tested models, methods and innovative approaches will allow you to achieve innovation beyond imagination, securely, now and as your organisation evolves.

Why organisations need offensive and defensive security solutions

“The best defence is a good offence” is especially true when it comes to cyber security. Defensive security is tested, measured and improved by offensive cyber security.

Protect data in use, in transmission and at rest

Configure and manage users correctly 

Adopt a zero-trust approach

Keep software and hardware up to date, patched and safe

Proactively monitor networks and devices

Establish appropriate predefined threat response

Empower your workforce with cyber security best practice

Build security into every touch point


How ROCK can help

Cyber Security capabilities

Security information and event management (SEIM)

Real-time monitoring and management of security events on your network. Includes level 1/2/3/4 response.

Intrusion detection system (IDS)

Hardware and software IDS for detecting and preventing cyber threats.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Make sure users are verified and authenticated using hardware and/or software MFA solutions.

Log management and analytics

Centralise visibility of all your logs, monitoring, managing and auditing to prevent threats.

Dark web monitoring

Discover whether your company’s data has been compromised and leaked on the dark web. Instigate appropriate responses if required.

Microsoft 365 security

Monitor and analyse threat data across Microsoft 365 services and endpoints. Detect, investigate and respond to security threats.

Security operations centre (SOC)

Security information and event activities fully managed by our expert SOC professionals.

Managed detection and response (MDR) essentials

Safeguarding your organisation with detection and response to essential cyber security events.

External vulnerability service

Assess the security of external networks, systems, applications and infrastructure devices. Use assessment insights to strengthen your cyber security posture. 

Automated malware detection

Automated scanning of network behavior and code to detect and prevent malware from impacting your services.

Data recovery

Recover and repair data lost in a cyber attack, system failure or due to human error.

Business continuity and disaster recovery systems (BCDR)

Protect your data and services in the event of a disaster. Maintain operations and services in our unpredictable world.

Cyber incident response team (CIRT)

Our expert team will respond to cyber incidents, reducing impact on your organisation.

Incident management

Investigate, analyse and continually improve your defence and response to cyber incidents.

Incident recovery

Recover your data, systems and services when compromised.

Identity and access management

User verification and validation with MFA, active directory integration, privileged user tracking, single sign on, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Network Access Control (NAC).

User management

Provision, manage and deprovision users according to your organisation’s needs.

Secure data removal and IT sanitisation

Safely remove sensitive data from storage before decommissioning, recycling or transferring ownership of an asset.

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Assess your current level of protection

We’ll analyse your cyber security posture in depth, empower you to respond to threat intelligence and defend your organisation.

We’ll conduct a free assessment, identifying internal and external cyber security weaknesses; threats to business data, systems, software, clouds and networks to generate and inform proactive and preventative action.

We're a trusted partner to hundreds of global trailblazers.

Learn why: complete the form to schedule a free demo customised to your specific security requirements.

Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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