Offensive Cyber Security

Offensive Cyber Security

Battle-test your cyber security with an ally you can trust

Offensive Cyber Security

Develop the skills and composure to react when the heat is on and the stakes are high

Organisations may struggle to obtain an objective and accurate test of their cyber security defences. As an independent partner, we covertly test our clients’ defensive security, ensuring core system protection management to prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to networks, IT infrastructure and other digital assets.

A multi-faceted approach to cyber security is essential for organisations seeking growth. At ROCK, we integrate security into everything we do, focused on protection and value creation to improve organisational posture as a whole.

Our cyber security experts will creatively and systematically test your organisation for industry-relevant vulnerabilities, gaining a deep and thorough understanding of your security posture. We provide “red team” services that protect third party and custom applications and systems performing critical tasks within network.

Protecting endpoints and data, we deliver advanced differential protection of core assets inside the core system. We’ll empower you with the confidence security brings. Offensive security engagements can be scaled according to your needs, specific to an isolated function, or we can assess your entire landscape: your people, systems and processes.

The need for both offensive and defensive security

“The best defence is a good offence”, is particularly relevant when it comes to cyber security. Offensive security leads, informs and enhances defensive security.

Embed cyber security in everything you do, before you do it

Stay ahead of every move as technology evolves

Adopt a zero-trust approach

Continually evolve your cyber security posture

Fix vulnerabilities proactively

Understand exploitation points

Outsmart and out-think attackers

Simulate real-world attack scenarios


How ROCK can help

Cyber Security


Hardware firewall, next-generation firewall, cloud firewall, web-app firewall, and firewall as a service.

Malware analysis

Detect, dissect, and analyse how malware can exploit your systems.

Sandbox security

Execute code in a safe and isolated environment; identify and address previously unknown threats.

Intrusion prevention system (IPS)

Continuously monitor your network. Detect and prevent previously identified threats.

Anti-DDoS protection

Protect against distributed network attacks and ensure legitimate traffic is well received.

Unified threat management

Manage multiple security functions through one system.

Automated vulnerability scanning

Conduct a high-level scan to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Private cloud security

Secure your private cloud with scalable and flexible security architecture. Meet regulatory and customer demands.

Web DNS security and content filtering

Block malicious or forbidden websites and applications at the DNS level so that they cannot be loaded on user devices.

Email and messaging security

Secure your email and messaging services with anti-spam, phishing, malware, content filtering and other threat prevention.

Threat intelligence and signature feeds

Automatically flag attacker techniques and misconfigurations. Detect threats across your applications, networks and infrastructure.

Penetration testing

Experts perform an extensive test on your systems to identify vulnerabilities and fix them.

IT health check

Identify ways in which your applications and network services can be compromised through malicious activities.

Application security

Scan and review code, test applications and manage patches.

Software development life cycle

Build proactive security testing into your software development life cycle.

Data loss/leak prevention

Test and prevent the potential of data loss whilst it’s in use, in motion and at rest.

Digital rights management

Protect your intellectual property, code and copyrighted material.

Mobile device management

Manage, secure and update all devices on your network, no matter the location.


Protect your networks, devices and data with secure encryption.

Asset management

Manage, monitor and secure your assets.

Patch management

Configure and update patches for your endpoints, hardware and networks.

A strategic partner

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Assess your current level of protection

We’ll analyse your cyber security posture in depth, empower you to respond to threat intelligence and defend your organisation.

We’ll conduct a free assessment, identifying internal and external cyber security weaknesses; threats to business data, systems, software, clouds and networks to generate and inform proactive and preventative action.

We're a trusted partner to hundreds of global trailblazers.

Learn why: complete the form to schedule a free demo customised to your specific security requirements.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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