Forge pathways to navigate the digital age and beyond


Innovate. Transform. Evolve.

Many organisations are struggling to keep pace with the evolvement of technology; heightened by a lack of technical expertise, it can be challenging to compete in the digital age. That’s where we come in.

As a strategic partner to our clients, we’re focused on using the latest and greatest technologies to create impact and empower organisational transformation. Together, we’ll make a difference.

Technology drives ROCK’s evolutionary consulting models. Our models are crucial to ensuring market share by evolving your organisation’s capabilities. We’ll empower you to think, act and work innovatively to create the future you want to see.

Our experience

We’ve delivered over 10,000 innovative projects since 2008. Our consultants are accredited experts in technical and industry-leading standards and innovations. Our consultants gain trust quickly, alleviating our clients of their inefficiencies, stumbling blocks and change burden, clearing pathways to business success.

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Our people

Our expert consultants combine deep industry, segment, sector and technology expertise to help organisations face their most pressing challenges. Working as one exceptional team we provide unique, objective solutions empowered by our change management and technical skills.

We help our clients address and rectify business inefficiencies, and we provide the catalyst for change and innovation. Together, we forge pathways to the digital age and beyond.

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Partner ecosystem

Our tier one partnerships with the world’s leading technical vendors ensure we can empower our clients with the most appropriate solutions, objectively and cost effectively. These relationships mean we fully leverage the power and promise of technology and change, delivering best practice solutions.

Our performance fuels your success

Our passion for high performance fuels the success we share with our clients. Together, we navigate the digital age and beyond.


Successful consultancy projects completed since 2008


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driving real value

Technology strategy and change

Develop a technology strategy that aligns your people, systems and processes to increase productivity and profitability.

Technology audit

Identify opportunities for IT improvement, focusing on security, performance and cost.

Technology strategy

Create and implement a technology strategy that leads your organisation to business success.

Project and change management

Systematically deliver project and change management to benefit all stakeholders.

Business process and operations

Aligning business operations with your technology strategy to ensure agility, sustainability and recoverability.

Software audit

Develop an understanding and improve the relationships between your software and business processes, making the one work for the other.

M365 consultancy

Implement and develop M365 software to meet your people, systems and process needs. Make the most of the powerful productivity and collaboration tools Microsoft has to offer.

Cost analysis

Review your technology spend and optimise it according to business needs, licensing and asset lifecycles. Improve ROI by making better technology procurement, use and retirement decisions.

Business process automation

Automation is the future. Free up time for strategic initiatives, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Application API and integration

Reduce workloads and increase the number and depth of insights residing in your data.

Organisation policy review

Review and update your business policies to ensure they align with your organisation's values, objectives and operations.

Digital outcomes

Digitally transform to evolve your business operations, objectives and performance.

Digital transformation

Audit or create your organisation's digital strategy. Improve user experience and satisfaction, security, service delivery, software development, and more.

Digital microservice

Design and plan micro initiatives focusing on the user.

Data, analytics and business intelligence

Connect valuable internal and external data sources. Present and utilise BI insights to improve operational processes.

Cyber advisory

Utilise white team methodologies to identify and resolve gaps in your cyber security architecture.

IT service consulting

Continually improve IT services as your organisation and the world evolve.

Cloud transformation 

Identify and implement the opportunities that cloud offers, creating a cloud strategy that benefits your stakeholders and your business. 

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“We noticed others in our industry had digital services we didn’t. ROCK provide invaluable ongoing consultancy to bring us the technical expertise we are lacking.”

A strategic partnership to help you reinvent your business

Technology never stops changing. If you don't innovate, you run the risk of falling behind - of losing the competitive edge. That's why it's always worth getting a second opinion before making big decisions about your IT.

ROCK will work with you to understand where your business currently is and where you want to take it. As your strategic partner, we can make a plan that is made to measure - a perfect fit for the needs of your business.

Whether you are an SME just starting out on a new project or an IT Manager with an in house team looking to extend your capabilities, ROCK can work for you

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