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ROCK works with charities across the world to offer managed IT services, digital transformation and technical consultancy; allowing them focus on what they do best- making the world a better place.

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ROCK is tremendously proud to have partnered with and assisted multiple charities and philanthropic organisations throughout the last decade. In doing so, we’ve witnessed the plethora of ways a well-thought-out and nuanced digital transformation strategy can help them to achieve their goals and aid some of society’s most disadvantaged groups and individuals. Whilst the changes have been truly palpable, though, a recent survey – conducted by Tech Trust – revealed that 59% of charities do not currently have a digital strategy in place. 

From automation’s ability to ensure that repetitive administrative tasks are completed quickly and with minimal outlay, to big data and analytics having helped to refine and identify messages that resonated most effectively with target audiences, tech is capable of driving significant positive change throughout charities and NGOs. In fact, ROCK’s third sector clients regularly inform us that the digital changes we help them to implement result in increased donations and – most importantly of all – have allowed them to have a more tangible and positive impact on the individuals and communities they serve. 

Common examples of digital changes that ROCK have implemented within this sector include bespoke app development, infrastructure streamlining (including virtualisation) and data set amalgamation.


What We Do

  • Coherent reporting and data analysis for clients and partners
  • Develop digital transformation strategies with a result focused approach
  • Vulnerability and physical penetration testing and reporting
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services
  • Enable digital workplace mobility for constant communication with staff
  • Proactive managed IT services available 24/7/365


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