The sky’s the limit for digitally transformed charity

At a glance

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic we onboarded a well-known charitable housing association, HousingCo*, which was keen to embrace the power of the cloud to digitally transform, focused on ensuring accessibility, the integration of systems and improving communication: both internally and with tenants.

The situation

Security, and the availability of platforms, was of paramount concern to HousingCo*, at the heart of which was ensuring they, and ROCK, were able to protect and support their vulnerable tenant at all times. We wanted to help them to do just that, via cloud migration and cloud technologies – digital transformation is the aim.

To ensure the successful removal, and continuation of, key IT dependencies ROCK dedicated a permanent expert IT consultant to the HousingCo’s* cloud project, who acted as a service transition manager, and in effect a CTO, an expert in their idiosyncratic IT architecture. Our consultant was able to successfully ensure HousingCo’s* technological capabilities were linked and aligned to their top-level strategy, empowering their users – from specialist case management teams to their data protection offers – with the tailored tools to digitally transform.


  • Full cloud migration through block-level replication to ROCK private cloud
  • Automated and manual testing
  • Complete backup and disaster recovery platform in the public cloud
  • Create a digital transformation strategy that empowers organisational aims

How we helped

  • Increased productivity by over 35% via digital transformation
  • Improved technology cost efficiencies by over 40%
  • The first response team resolved over 93% of incidents, with an average resolution time of 2.6 hours.


Considering the prioritised, people-led, need for availability ROCK proposed a full cloud-managed migration through specialist block-level replication, verified via orchestration and manual testing. In making our technology environment accessible to select individuals within the housing association we were able to establish the integrity of the systems in advance of migration cutover: all accomplished within a time-pressured, service switchover, backdrop.

As a holistically verticalised strategic partner, with Tier 1 relationships with key cloud vendors like AWS then, we were able to empower HousingCo* with an entirely tailored cloud and digital transformation solution, one that worked for them, so they could work to best support their tenants.

Ensuring connectivity at all times we were able to support HousingCo’s* relationship advisors to in turn support their tenants, at all times and without fail. Introducing a complete backup and disaster recovery platform within the public cloud to ensure organisational resiliency should the worst happen, HousingCo* now benefit from the peace of mind organisational sustainability brings. 

Head of Progress at the HousingCo* agrees, and had this to say “everything ROCK promised as part of the tendering process you have done and delivered on”.​​​​​​

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


Creating an in-house IT support desk for a client

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