Creating an in-house IT support desk for a client

At a glance

A growing estate agent, with offices in multiple locations throughout the UK, sought help to establish an in-house IT service that would provide its users with the flexibility and adaptability needed to embrace changes in technology, particularly the development of processes that would enable virtual property viewings. The client, PropertySalesCo*, was experiencing rapid growth and their current managed IT service provider could not provide the flexibility needed to develop their technology initiatives.

ROCK formed a strategic partnership with The Client and deployed our Streamline IT consulting model to help the client deliver its internal IT service.

The situation

A large estate agency was frustrated with the limitations placed upon them by their outsourced IT provider. Key stakeholders in the organisation determined that taking control of their IT operation and building an in-house IT service would enable them to pursue their IT initiatives more quickly and cost-effectively. PropertySalesCo* was, however, aware it did not have the skills, knowledge and resources needed to create an internal IT service.

ROCK partnered with PropertySalesCo* to identify and articulate its IT demands and how these would change over time, especially due to the rapid growth it was experiencing. The service design was managed to ensure it was closely aligned with PropertySalesCo’s* aims, policies and objectives. This included facilitating forward-thinking IT initiatives, abiding by GDPR policies and increasing productivity and scalability.

PropertySalesCo’s* primary concern was that the transition from a managed service to an in-house equivalent would cause disruption for users and the potential loss of data.

How we helped

  • Fully functional, scalable IT service desk operational within three months of project starting
  • Adopting an agile approach to IT service and process delivery resulted in IT initiatives rolling out 20% faster
  • A preventative, proactive approach to security and maintenance resulted in significantly higher performance than that offered by PropertySalesCo’s* prior outsourced IT provider


ROCK utilised our StreamlineIT consulting model to design, manage and deliver the project in partnership with PropertySalesCo*.

Key talent was procured and trained to deliver the internal IT service. The service transition was delivered without any major incidents or complaints. Users were involved in the design process to ensure all changes resonated with the objectives of the organisation and its users.

The project was delivered in three months and enabled PropertySalesCo* to fulfil and continuously develop its own IT service. After one year, the client reported their IT initiatives were rolling out on average 20% faster due to fewer constraints. 

Proactive security and performance monitoring meant the client suffered less downtime and other issues than when their service was outsourced.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been omitted, the results are real.


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