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Telephony facilitates verbal communication between various parties. This statement, whilst technically accurate, fails to communicate just how vital such phone systems are. It fails to note how important these systems are for colleagues that need to collaborate in spite of them being based in different locations. Nor does it mention that it allows customer service teams to ensure customers are happy or that it provides employees with an invaluable means of converting prospective interest into sales.

A 2015 study from marketing company Text Request1 found that nurtured leads – prospective customers and existing customers who can be sold/upsold goods or services and that are regularly contacted by companies – typically spend 47% more than those that do not receive the same level of engagement. By building relationships and engaging in conversations, employees can develop rapports that yield more long-lasting and profitable connections with their clients.

This vital piece of business infrastructure is even more effective when businesses leverage VoIP systems to facilitate remote verbal communication. Adopting VoIP reduces telecoms costs by an average of 50%2 whilst relevant systems can also be installed cost-effectively and expeditiously.

ROCK IP is a feature-rich VoIP solution including generous cumulative call allowances. The process of installing ROCK IP is also typically a quick one; a minimum amount of hardware needs to be installed on-site and the programme can work with the vast majority of legacy hardware with only minimal customisation. Adding users to the system is a straightforward process and it is easily scalable as a result – even for businesses with users across multiple locations.

For regulated businesses, ROCK IP can retain recordings of all calls for periods of up to seven years. Organisations that experience high call volumes can also enjoy the benefits of sophisticated analytical software that provides vital metrics and can be used to quickly determine changes needed to meet seasonal demands.

Vitally, the ROCK IP application can be used with all major hardware including smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptops meaning that communications need never go unanswered – something that’s particularly important when developing and nurturing relationships with clients.

Finally, in order to ensure that installation does not disrupt a client’s day-to-day operations, ROCK utilises a collaborative and in-depth process that affords us a nuanced understanding of their needs, practices and objectives. We blend this understanding with technical expertise to develop an implementation plan that will negate interruptions whilst also allowing rapid installation.

In order to ensure that staff are fully briefed and confident with new systems, our team of engineers provide all staff with literature and an on-site orientation concerning new systems following setup. Further detailed training with product specialists is also available on-site, with the ability to build your own curriculum for your staff and organisation's needs.

To find out more about ROCK IP, its features, allowances and how it can improve your business, speak to one of our specialists today by emailing [email protected] or calling 0344 272 2288.

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