Business continuity and disaster recovery gifts peace of mind

At a glance

A public sector organisation was looking to implement effective backup solutions after suffering a ransomware attack, their concerns around security, risk, and data protection paramount.

The situation

An organisation working within the public sector had unfortunately recently suffered a ransomware attack – an employee having clicked a link in a malicious email, which went on to infect the network file share on ArtsCo’s* server. The virus encrypted the primary data share, making data inaccessible to ArtsCo* and its users – shutting down the organisation’s operations. The hackers were requesting ArtsCo* pay a ransom fee to regain access to their data.


  • Restoration of all data
  • Cleansing of all infected devices
  • Implement a business continuity policy

How we helped

  • Implemented backup solutions x 3
  • Full backup restored within 47 minutes
  • Infected machines were cleansed and returned on day 2


The medical company contacted ROCK, looking to implement and better manage a new backup and disaster recovery solution. Harnessing the power of ROCK’s disaster recovery tools and a strategised business continuity policy, and a tailored backup plan, ArtsCo’s* new business continuity methodology ensures that backups are running every 15 minutes and replicated offsite.

Further to this, ArtsCo* now has the peace of mind that their new business continuity and disaster recovery solution can now recover data quickly and limit loss significantly. Should the worst happen again ROCK stand poised to isolate all infected devices, and restore data, bolstered by the three backup solutions we have implemented, all designed to ensure organisational resilience.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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