Infrastructure and data to ensure agility in the public sector

At a glance

An independent body of the Welsh Government concerned with promoting innovation was having difficulties with its existing IT provider, concerned about the high cost of renewing its infrastructure and lack of ability to digitally transform.

The situation

PublicCo* was struggling with an inflexible infrastructure and data centre, looking to achieve scalability and the ability to respond to change and disruption.

Key to user performance, productivity, customer experience, innovation and digital transformation IT infrastructure was of great concern to PublicCo*, who had their sights set on fostering new partnerships to ensure opportunities for education and employment and to better support the people of Wales.

Unfortunately, PublicCo* were experiencing serious and unpredictable issues with their infrastructure when they contacted ROCK, systems running out of space and unplanned expenses a frequent occurrence.


  • Technology audit
  • Managed IT infrastructure
  • The client benefited from our 24/7/376 help desk which treats all incidents raised outside of core hours with the same focus and priority

How we helped

  • 84.3% of solutions were identified before users were affected.
  • Improved E-discovery process speed by over 350%
  • Reduced company software spend by 30% 


The ROCK team began PublicCo’s* project with a technology audit to determine the organisation’s capabilities, desired results and the level of support required, taking time to evaluate and understand the network and unique user environment from staff to volunteers, stakeholders to partner organisations.

The ROCK service delivery team now essentially act as PublicCo’s* internal IT team: monitoring its networks, maintaining security and ensuring agility, we monitor systems remotely, 24/7/365, identifying 84.3% of problems and creating solutions before users are affected.

Advising PublicCo* on their technological capabilities, reducing software spending by 30% and empowering PublicCo* with the ability to focus on what it does best – supporting the people of Wales.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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