Software empowering increase in leads

At a glance

A well-known marketing company came to ROCK looking to refine their software licensing to focus on developing a single source of truth for their campaigns and stakeholders, cost-effectively.

The situation

MarketingCo* felt that they were paying more for their software licensing than was required, their current software was not fit to empower them to achieve their marketing objectives or increase ROMI. On investigation it became clear that MarketingCo* were using software that wasn’t right for them, significant features were underutilised and they were unable to benefit fully from the data and analytics they were haphazardly collating.

MarketingCo’s* ideas were siloed in spreadsheets, project boards and documentation, making it hard for them to switch to a more data-driven, organised and proactive organisation, their creativity limited and ability to forecast hampered. From their artistic directors to their PR leads, content writers to campaign managers there was a general dissatisfaction amongst the team, frustrated by the inefficiencies their poorly performing software was prompting.


  • Expiry and renewal management to negotiate favourable deals
  • Software asset depreciation
  • Procurement of software licensing to optimise operations
  • Improve cyber security posture

How we helped

  • Reduced software spending by over 23%
  • Increase of marketing-led leads by 35% year on year
  • Improved customer satisfaction by over 17%


The choice, and implementation of, Software can be overwhelming, we ensured that MarketingCo* were able to access, and unlock the power of, tailored software, cost-effectively. After gaining a deep understanding of MarketingCo’s* organisation we were able to advise and guide them to reduce their software spend by over 23%, simplifying procurement and harnessing the power of our software vendor relationships with leading providers.

In tailoring MarketingCo’s* software we were able to ensure they were able to fully achieve their organisational aims. Focusing on improving operational efficiencies; the tracking and intelligence created by analytics and conversion rates and campaign monitoring; automation of admin and driving creativity MarketingCo* saw an increase of marketing-led leads, year on year, of 35% whilst their customer retention rate also rose, with an increase of satisfaction by over 17%.

To ensure sustainable success ROCK also procured appropriate cyber security software for MarketingCo*, compliance and client protection are paramount to both reputations, and peace of mind.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


Increasing an event company’s sales by 28%

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