Increasing an event company’s sales by 28%

At a glance

An events and communications company, operating across the UK were looking to improve the Microsoft 365 capabilities, lacking the internal talent to ensure a return on investment, worrying they would find it difficult to improve the business’ performance as they were lacking real-time insights and analytics.

The situation

EventCo* was struggling to understand the commercial priorities of their clients and thus align their communications programmes. Whilst they were using Microsoft 355 it was clear that these needed both refinement and tailored rebuilding to ensure they were able to better understand both their customers and their own data.

Whilst EventCo* had an experienced team of event managers and salespeople their applications were letting them down. EventCo’s team were burdened by time-consuming processes whilst they lacked the ability to make the most of their data, their sales team was hindered by the absence of an overarching picture of wins and losses.


  • Empower team members with Microsoft Power BI
  •  Use Microsoft Dynamics to understand customers better
  • Integrate the two, to build fast and future proof integrations.

How we helped

  • Increased sales by over 28% annually
  • Improved operational efficiencies, leading to cost savings of over 5%
  • Customer retention rate increased by over 16%


To discover insights hidden inside EventCo’s* data we empowered them with Microsoft Power BI. In reducing their burden of reporting, whilst increasing their ability to benefit from real-time, actionable insights – we were able to lead them to a data-driven culture, thus improving their customer insights, and ability to deliver and target better.

Via ROCK’s Microsoft Dynamics implementation EventCo* were able to further the quality of their customer relationships, able to design and orchestrate real-time customer journeys – journeys that are personalised, on preferred channels, automated and lead to sales.

Integrating Power BI and Dynamics effectively, however, was crucial for ROCK to offer the best, tailored, Microsoft 365 development service. We were able to ensure EventCo* didn’t suffer from common integration issues such as the creation of data silos, security threats and stretched timelines – instead benefitting from digital growth and sales team support.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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