Achieving parity of esteem for work-based learning

At a glance

A work-based learning college was struggling to compete within the educational market. It was looking to reduce its operational costs and increase the number of learners and employers it could attract, therefore driving its return on investment (ROI).

The situation

A work-based learning provider operating in the UK contacted ROCK, looking to improve its operational efficiencies and improve its ability to compete in a saturated market. The goal was to set Apprenticeships on a parity of esteem with other forms of education.

Struggling to set itself among the more established training providers, ApprenticeshipCo* was looking to improve its organisational posture as a whole. It hoped to streamline its complex internal processes whilst accelerating ROI via an improved employer and learner experience.


  • Automation solution for HR processes
  • Automation of learner and employer onboarding
  • Self Service business processes for tutors and assessors

How we helped

  • Business process automation improving operational efficiencies by 34%
  • Robotic process automation services to heighten learner experience
  • Workflow automation focused on improving collaboration between sales and marketing teams


ROCK used our automation and robotics service to operate ApprenticeshipCo’s* complex organisational processes. The HR team was empowered with tools to remain compliant and quite simply a good employer. The Covid-19 pandemic was a particularly demanding time for the HR team, with the need to support ApprenticeshipCo’s* team during a time of turbulence, and empower them to support their learners.

Business process automation wasn’t just key to expediting ApprenticeshipCo’s* operational efficiencies. The ability to intelligently automate onboarding caused the highest number of employers and learners onboarded since ApprenticeshipCo* was founded. This process vastly increased their ROI, and therefore their ability to empower and promote the value of work-based learning as a whole.

Finally, with Self-Service, ApprenticehipCo* were able to ensure their 70+ tutors and assessors could access the tools to work freely, whether in the field or via their hybrid working model. Consequently, ApprenticeshipCo* saw staff satisfaction rise by over 15%, with a newfound confidence in their ability to provide a learning style that best suits their learners and their future careers.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


Driving admissions increase with AI

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