Driving admissions increase with AI

At a glance

A university based in the UK was looking to simplify its software landscape. Their internal IT team was struggling to maximise and optimise usage of both Microsoft 354 and their wider use of applications, in the hope to foster exceptional service.

The situation

UniCo* contacted ROCK, looking to gain a better understanding, and control of, their application and Saas products: concerns were raised around the flexibility these offered for the cost paid. Employee and student engagement was low, whilst low levels of satisfaction had repeatedly been reported, the move to online/ hybrid learning exacerbating this dramatically. UniCo* hoped to harness the power of technology to positively impact their students – both admission numbers and pass rates.


  • Benefit from our software license management and optimisation service
  • Implement and incorporate SharePoint online
  • Procure tailored software to improve admission numbers

How we helped

  • Increased admissions by over 5%
  • Student satisfaction rose by 17.6%
  • Ensured compliance across campus


Sharepoint Online was introduced and rolled out within UniCo*, incorporated with OneDrive to offer enhanced security via embedding documentation through real-time collaborations. This enabled lecturers, welfare teams and support staff to work more cohesively, whilst reducing the vulnerability of leads across multiple systems. 

UniCo* also benefited from tailored software, aimed at optimising recruitment and admissions processes to engage with best-fit students, and lecturers: streamlining services as a whole to improve student success rates and foster a culture that generates lifelong alumni.

ROCK was also pleased to guide UniCo* to refine their asset management process, keen to ensure they were remaining compliant in their software licencing: our experts taking over their software licensing management and optimisation after several lapses in vigilance had been reported. UniCo* can now rest easy in the peace of mind that their procurement processes and software as a whole is fit for purpose and deliberately tailored to allow them to succeed.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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