AI in the automotive industry heightens ROI

At a glance

A growing car dealership, operating across the UK, was looking to improve its forecasting abilities, focused on improving their sale and marketing team’s success and aiming to convert more customers on their just launched website.

The situation

Having just acquired two new car dealerships in the UK, CarCo* was hoping to drive a more data-driven culture, better connecting and understanding their customers to empower their sales and marketing teams to deliver a higher ROI via AI (artificial intelligence).


  • Use predictive AI to analyse online behaviour
  • Implement AI search functionality chatbots
  • Sales forecasting to create a reliable, buildable pipeline

How we helped

  • Conversion of website customers rose by 33.9%
  • ROI rose by 75% in one year
  • Staff satisfaction rose by 42%


CarCo* were keen to move their organisation forwards with a focus on data and intelligence to positively impact their ROI. Having started off as a family firm CarCo* had seen significant growth but was looking to take the next step, via technology and artificial intelligence. Harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms ROCK was able to empower CarCo* to successfully analyse their customer's online behaviour, tailored product offers and targeted ads contributory to an increase in consumer conversion rates of 33.9%.

The introduction of a full-service, CRM integrated, artificial intelligent chatbot to CarCo’s* website also lead to significant conversion benefits. Paired with AI search functionality CarCo’s* team was also able to easily access information needed to resolve customer enquiries, while they were able to focus on higher-value work to increase overall productivity.

Finally, using predicative models CarCo’s* sales team was able to improve their forecasting, improving budget setting, allocation of resources, and plans for future growth. Their newly AI integrated CRM system added an accuracy CarCo* hadn’t been able to benefit from before, and their sales pipeline was enhanced to deliver a 75% enhancement.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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