Developing an agile network that enabled significant growth

At a glance

A large organisation specialising in continuous professional development was looking to outsource IT support services as well as improve their network's adaptability. 

Operating a wide area network (WAN) across several sites the setup in question was highly complex, with any changes typically requiring the involvement of their supplier and time-consuming on-site visits for their IT department. ROCK was tasked with removing the burden of technology and change whilst improving its network capabilities. 

The situation

DevCo* had found the process of managing their technology and change burden difficult, their internal IT team swamped. Via our Premier IT Management, the company was able to focus on digital transformation, benefitting from the technology strategy our team put in place. Our free IT audit meanwhile ensured DevCo* were able to move forwards empowered with a full understanding of their IT infrastructure and how to harness the power of technology to achieve their organisational aspirations. 

DevCo's* complicated WAN system had become cumbersome, the company looking to expand, as well as add home-based employee residences to their networks. Both processes were continuously delayed due to a convoluted network setup that required on-site visits and vendor involvement in order to make changes.

ROCK was additionally asked to review this setup and identify network alterations that would facilitate more malleable and responsive setups. Additionally, we were asked to consider if any further alterations that could be made would ease the administrative burden managing this complex network had on DevCo’s* internal IT professionals.


  • Implement a software-defined WAN to simplify the process of managing/making changes to their network
  • Automate various tasks with regard to network management to allow IT professionals to focus on other tasks

How we helped

  • The internal IT team supported to innovate and digitally transform 
  • ROCK Average time to implement network-wide changes down from six hours to 12 minutes
  • Members of IT teams accrued, on average, 12 additional hours of time per month

The outcome

By partnering with us via our Premier IT Management service DevCo* was able to relieve their IT teams, having a positive impact on user satisfaction and productivity as a consequence. In implementing a software-defined wide area network, DevCo* were able to set up new working locations and add various locations to their network significantly faster, with changes typically taking minutes rather than hours.

Additionally, by automating a variety of tasks that were previously managed by network administrators – such as software updates, patches and root cause analysis – members of DevCo’s* IT team reported that they had an additional 12 hours to perform alternative tasks each month. 

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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