What is an IT Support Desk?

When you partner with an IT support provider, your business will also get access to a support desk. Also known as a service desk, an IT support desk is a key aspect of your overall IT support solution and is fundamental to the delivery of this service. 

To get the most out of it, it’s useful for businesses to fully understand what an IT support desk is, and the capabilities it has. Knowing more allows you and your team to leverage this service more effectively, improving how technology is used across the business. 

Find out everything you need to know about IT support desks. 

IT Support Desk Defined 

An IT support desk (also known as a service desk) is your IT support hub. It’s a communications centre that’s the single point of contact for staff to access IT help and assistance. The main role of a support desk is to ensure that all IT issues are resolved promptly, but many also provide various additional services. 

By using a service desk, business employees can get the help of IT experts to: 

  • Troubleshoot problems 
  • Track issues and find fixes 
  • Assist with software and processes management 

Don’t confuse IT support desks with IT help desks. Although similar, a help desk is more limited, only focusing on resolving support tickets. A support desk does this but offers additional features like IT self-service, continuous maintenance, and proactive support. 

With an IT service desk set up, an employee can submit a support ticket through multiple communication channels. These tickets will provide details of the problem, and support desk operatives will add them to their workflow to resolve the issues. 

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Key Features of an IT Support Desk  

When partnering with an IT support provider that includes a service desk, take advantage of the following key features to empower teams to get the most out of the assistance available to you. 

  • Ticketing SystemA support ticket is created for every issue and query you raise to a support desk. Each service request helps teams keep track of problems and provides quicker fixes for your business. 

  • Service knowledge resources : A support desk will provide self-help resources so you can resolve small issues independently. They create a knowledge base of information that customers can use to get answers to common queries, making them more effective. 

  • IT asset management: An IT service desk will manage the assets, software, and networks of your business on your behalf, keeping things more organised and convenient. 

  • Service-level agreement (SLA) management: IT support desks will operate based on your prior service-level agreements. These are the minimum level of service you’re entitled to and having them ensures ITSM best practices are followed to deliver top-level support. 

Benefits of an IT Support Desk 

An IT Support desk can benefit your company in multiple ways. Here are the main three that can help you get the most out of your technology and IT systems. 

Increases business efficiency while reducing cost 

A streamlined IT support desk uses incident management to promote operational efficiency while reducing costs. Fixing IT issues quickly reduces downtime and provides users with a faster way to get past IT issues.  

Eliminates data silos 

Having all your IT support in one place breaks down data silos, helping teams to provide a better service. By operating with a multichannel approach, support teams can deliver high-quality support to every team of your business regardless of their communication methods.  

Boosts productivity 

IT support desks can boost productivity thanks to the knowledge hubs they provide. As workers can self-help certain issues, it allows teams to efficiently manage IT issues, allowing them to stay productive.  

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Delivering the Best IT Support Desk  

At ROCK, we offer a world-class service desk that can resolve IT support tickets quickly and effectively. Our team members are highly qualified and governed by industry best practices to provide quality service consistently.  

We have an average ticket resolution time of 12.1 minutes, helping your team get past IT issues quicker to maintain efficiency. We provide a support desk designed for your business, offering monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting to take the pressure of IT management off your hands.  

Find out more about our IT support and discover how our IT service desk can enhance your business with a free IT audit.  

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