The Procurement Act Expo 2024

Public procurement law is changing. These changes will replace outdated systems and improve how procurement is done.

If your business supplies goods or services, these changes will affect you.

To prepare for these changes, we attended the Procurement Act Expo, hosted at the NEC in Birmingham.

Our team had the incredible opportunity to engage with key decision-makers, sparking meaningful conversations about the significance of compliance in tender submissions and the value of being Cyber Essentials certified

What is the Procurement Act? 

The Procurement Act is new legislation that’s scheduled to come into effect in October 2024. It’s a shake-up that’s set to benefit suppliers of all sizes, with a focus on supporting start-ups, scale-ups, and small businesses.

The act will create a central digital platform for suppliers to register their details. This will create a streamlined process where suppliers can be used for multiple bids and see all opportunities in one place.

With a simplified bidding process, it will be easier to bid, negotiate, and work in the public sector. The act also aims to:

  • Remove bureaucratic barriers to level the playing field
  • Make commercial frameworks flexible
  • Foster prompt payments for businesses in supply chains
  • Take tougher action on underperforming suppliers
Procurement Act Expo stalls with people

About the Procurement Act Expo 2024

The Procurement Act Expo is an event designed to drive awareness of the change in legislation coming later this year. As it impacts suppliers, the event was key for us to get ahead of changes and better prepare for the future.

The event hosted various speakers to add more insight into the changes, providing information on elements that are linked to the Procurement Act.

Some of the things covered include:

  • Social Value & Sustainability: A look at how buyers and suppliers can measure and manage social value and build a sustainable model
  • Transition and Transformation: Insight into how buyers and suppliers can best manage the transition and a look at the skills you need to develop.  
  • Marketing Engagement and Innovation: A look at what good market engagement looks like and how buyers and suppliers can maximise their opportunities. 
  • Routes to Market: Insight into how the Procurement Act will impact current frameworks and the best route to follow to get their products to market.

Key Takeaways

There’s a lot of knowledge gained from the Expo. Following the event, we now have a clear understanding of the public sector procurement path.

If you’ve missed the Procurement Act Expo, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the key learning points that everyone in the sector should know:

  1. Contracts will no longer be awarded based on price and quality alone. How your procurement decisions impact local communities and disadvantaged groups will also be considered.

    Bids will be stronger if they follow ethical sourcing and practices, transparency around environmental performance metrics, and support marginalised populations. 
  2. Public sector procurement will focus on collaboration through open dialogue and partnerships. This enables innovation and allows suppliers and buyers to explore new technology. There’s also a focus on flexible contracting models that prioritise early engagement. 
  3. The public sector will be embracing digitisation more so than ever. Both suppliers and buyers will need to adapt their IT solutions to match this new evolution. 
  4. There’s a drive to embrace technology and innovations like data analytics and automation to aid with compliance and performance. An increase in internet-based activity means that suppliers need to enhance their IT to be optimised and cyber-safe.
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“It was a privilege to showcase ROCK’s brand and expertise, emphasising the pivotal role of cybersecurity and IT support to prepare for these upcoming changes geared specifically toward the Public Sector area. Conversations with industry professionals unveiled the depth of our offerings, showcasing our ability to revolutionise in the technology space. It was a stimulating event, highlighting the pivotal role of technology in reshaping the procurement landscape for the better.” 

– Corinna Tannian, Vendor Alliance Manager

Preparing for the Procurement Act 

Following the Procurement Act Expo 2024, businesses will be keen to start preparing for the legislation, so that they can benefit from the changes instantly.

As the legislation will instigate a focus on digitisation, internet-based activity, and adopting emerging technology, now’s a good time to assess your current IT solutions and cyber security. Are they ready to handle the change?

As attendees at the Procurement Act Expo, we understand how suppliers and buyers need to adapt their IT to succeed. Our expert IT support can prepare your business for this change, ensuring your technology is effective and protected from cyber threats.

We’ll help your business become Cyber Essentials certified to avoid data breaches and compliance issues.

Optimise your IT to get the most out of the upcoming changes.  Book a free consultation with us to make sure you’re prepared.


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