Enhancing the robustness of a commercial caterer’s IT infrastructure

At a glance

An independent commercial caterer based in the South-West of England, CateringCo* were looking to benefit from our Total IT Management service, looking to outsource their IT, fix an unreliable IT infrastructure and improve their ability to innovate.

The situation

A large independent commercial caterer was looking to outsource their IT, adopting out Total IT Management service to remove the burden of technology and change whilst driving innovation. Their incumbent IT provider was, unfortunately, unable to support them effectively and was proving a costly endeavour. ROCK's award-winning service desk was able to offer them 24/7/365 support, whilst reducing their IT costs by over 15%. 

CateringCo* had also suffered from complaints – and lost clients – as a result of their erratic IT infrastructure. The company had invested significantly in a large, remote customer service team to meet client requirements, but infrastructural issues were regularly preventing employees from accessing company resources.

ROCK reviewed existing CateringCo's* infrastructure, identifying likely pain points, and undertaking an audit as part of our Total IT Management service; leveraging qualitative and quantitative methodologies to glean an understanding of not just their infrastructure, but their practices, policies and processes. 

Our technology audit revealed that the catering company's internal infrastructure had been neglected and needed some updating, while most employees were using their own devices, many of which did not marry with their employer’s infrastructure.


  • 24/7/365 Total IT Management 
  • Upgraded network infrastructure – including cabling – to enhance reliability
  • Implemented unified endpoint management software to facilitate the remote management of external devices
  • Began monitoring client’s infrastructure in real-time in order to rapidly identify and address shortcomings

How we helped

  • Reduced IT costs by over 15%
  • 97% of time-sensitive orders dispatched on-time
  • 33% improvement in client repeat orders
  • All periods of downtime resolved within an average of 25 minutes


Thanks to outsourcing their IT CateringCo* benefited from improved network reliability, superior communication, user satisfaction and productivity levels. In turn, CateringCo* were able to dispatch 97% of their time-sensitive orders on time, whereas before it stood at 81%.

Client satisfaction also rose considerably as a result of feedback indicating that clients found it far easier to contact CateringCo’s* representatives, place orders and resolve issues, leading to a 33% improvement in their client retention rate. 

By remotely monitoring the client’s network, endpoints etc. ROCK is able to keep CateringCo’s* downtime to an absolute minimum. In the rare instances that their network has failed, ROCK has restored connectivity within an average timeframe of 25 minutes.

Additionally, having noticed that CateringCo’s* accountancy team were placed under considerable burden as a result of remote employees using their own mobile devices for work purposes, ROCK recommended a solution. We sought highly-competitive business mobile contracts for relevant team members thus negating the need for finance to review multiple expenses claims each month. Alerts were also set up so that, should a user accrue charges, stakeholders are automatically informed.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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