IT project management improves sales rate

At a glance

A call centre comprised of more than 250 agents had purchased and tried to implement dialler software as a means of improving efficiency and key metrics. CallCo* had been forced to abandon this project, however, leading them to contact ROCK and request our assistance.

The situation

A large call centre providing outsourced sales services to various companies had purchased dialler software in order to automate agents’ calls, improve efficiency and reduce the length of time it took for their agents to contact interested prospects.

Having originally instructed their own IT department to undertake the installation process, problems were experienced when attempts at feeding numbers originating from various sources into the software were undertaken. Various team leaders had also expressed concern that the introduction of this software would result in granular changes to day-to-day operations that were certain to adversely affect agent performance.

The project was abandoned for these reasons but, several months later, the company decided that they needed to make a concerted effort to improve the aforementioned metrics. This saw them contact ROCK who utilised our collaborative and comprehensive discovery process to develop an understanding of their practices and what they hoped to achieve by implementing this software. This understanding informed the creation of a project implementation plan.


  • Utilise APIs as a means of feeding numbers into dialler software
  • Develop bespoke dashboards that display key performance metrics to managers and team leaders as well as provide agents with information on leads prior to calls
  • Gradually roll out changes and stagger training to minimise the negative impact of change, alongside a robust training plan

How we helped

  • Dialler installed and revised processes in place within six weeks
  • 60% of prospects contacted within 15 minutes of enquiring online
  • 23% better call conversion rate
  • Cost of project recouped within 18 months


ROCK utilised an API as a means of both allowing lead’s contact information to be fed into the dialler software CallCo had purchased and developing bespoke dashboards that would display salient information to various stakeholders.

Additionally, ROCK developed a training programme for all employees and staggered the rate at which the new software and systems were adopted to provide teams with more assistance as they adapted.

In total, it was just six weeks before the entirety of the centre was using dialler software and the outbound call process within CallCo* was entirely automated. This has helped CallCo* achieve its objectives with 60% of new leads being contacted within 15 minutes of them registering an interest online. Additionally, providing agents with additional information prior to them calling prospects, and decision-makers with vital metrics, has brought about a 23% improvement in call conversion rates.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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