Infrastructure and Data Centre

Infrastructure and Data Centre

Support your digital landscape with intelligent infrastructure

Infrastructure and Data Centre

Build a sound IT Infrastructure that is scalable and adaptable

Building and renewing an agile and intuitive IT Infrastructure can be an incredibly costly endeavour, especially for enterprise organisations struggling to accommodate the multi and hybrid environments needed to meet the demands of the digital age.

As your strategic partner, we will empower you with an efficient, simpler and more adaptive infrastructure: one capable of maximising the opportunities created by change. In partnership, we will build infrastructure that maximises opportunities for disruption.

In an ever-increasingly digital and cloud-based society, organisations are only able to perform as well as their IT Infrastructure allows. IT capabilities have become inseparable from success, key to user performance, productivity, customer experience, innovation and digital transformation.

For the storage and processing of our clients’ data, our infrastructure is based in the Tier 3+ Vantage Data Centre, CWL1 (Cardiff.) For added security, our location for off-site backups is within a separate data hall, within the Cardiff campus. Our data centre features multi-resilience layers, including diverse communication routing, power and N+N topology (also referred to as 2N), providing a completely independent, mirrored system that can fully take over operational needs should the first system go offline. The Vantage Cardiff campus features a direct and private 400kV SuperGrid connection, supported by regularly tested, highly resilient generators and UPS systems. It’s the most powerful data centre campus in Europe and it uses 100% renewable energy.

As part of ROCK’s Infrastructure and Data Centre services, we also provide data protection by bleeding-edge anti-virus and digital firewalls across our estate of servers, ensuring data protection at all times, in line with our ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

We will consider your IT security, connectivity, computing speed, reliability and stakeholder needs to build the infrastructure you need and scale it when you grow.

Resilient infrastructure for the digital age and beyond

ROCK’s data centre is the most powerful in Europe, using 100% renewable energy with direct private 400kV SuperGrid connection, supported by regularly tested, highly resilient generators and UPS systems. Our out-of-town campus has military-grade security: it’s fire, flood, and earthquake proof.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, risk concern, or data sensitivity,  we can offer unique and certified solutions optimised for space, power and value.

Quality management systems

Environmental management

Information security management

Occupational health & safety management

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How ROCK can help

IT Infrastructure capabilities

IT Infrastructure

Handle mission-critical workloads whilst maintaining security, reliability and control.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Leverage a combination of public, private and on-premise solutions to meet your objectives.

High-performance computing

Accelerate problem solving and insights with enhanced computing power.


Reduce IT expenses, increase agility and availability with shared resources and isolated workloads.

Mainframe technologies

Accelerate the performance of critical applications and data processing.

Scalable infrastructure

Adapt your infrastructure to upscale and downscale as your computing requirements change.


Facilitate speedier, dexterous application and software development.

Internet of things (IoT)

Connect devices for real-time insights and automated workflows to become a cognitive enterprise.


Secure your network, scale capacity for growth and increase availability across your IT ecosystem.

Data storage

Store your data securely and increase resiliency, on premise and/or via cloud.

End user/desktop

Ensure your users can work productively, securely and flexibly.

Hyper-converged infrastructures

Intelligently power apps, streamline operations, consolidate workloads and protect your data.

Branch office topology management

Enable your branch offices to securely and reliably connect to your data centre, internet and cloud services. 

Remote desktop services and virtual desktop infrastructure

Empower your users to work anywhere, anytime, with secure, powerful RDS and VDI solutions.

A strategic partner

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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

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