Software management licensing generates big savings

At a glance

RecruitCo*, a recruitment agency specialising in the engineering sector contacted ROCK and requested that we review their IT infrastructure with a view to reducing expenditure.


RecruitCo* was looking to cut out unnecessary excess expenditure and contacted ROCK, requesting that we audit their digital infrastructure and locate more cost-effective solutions wherever possible.

ROCK audited RecruitCo’s* digital resources as requested, identifying several areas where savings could be made. Having also noted that the client’s software portfolio formed a considerable portion of their expenditure, we also audited their licenses, again determining means of reducing their outgoings.

How we helped

  • Reduced monthly software expenditure by 23%
  • Trimmed excess licenses by 18%
  • Implemented license management portal to streamline the portfolio management process


Using our industry connections, ROCK was able to negotiate cost-effective bundle software licenses with several vendors. Having noted that the client had subscriptions to several services that provided a number of features they could not practicably leverage, we identified more cost-effective alternatives that, whilst less feature-rich, provided the client with everything they required. These changes reduced monthly software expenditure by 23%.

ROCK also added RecruitCo’s* remaining licenses to our unique central management console. As a result, nominated members of staff were able to view the company’s entire software portfolio through one single application. In turn, this streamlined the process of sourcing superior alternatives when licenses were due for renewal.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


Helping an engineering firm manage their finances

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