Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Connect, secure and automate your digital organisation

Enterprise Networking

Scalable networking to improve communication, collaboration and resource allocation

Enterprise networking has changed significantly in the last three years. An increase in cloud migration and cyber security requires a more intelligent, agile and scalable solution to networking. As technology has become so integral to every organisation, so has network performance. Secure management, scaling and maintenance of networks can be costly, especially as demand increases.

As a strategic partner to our clients, we offer enterprise solutions that consider on-premise and hybrid cloud models with intelligent and automated network management to address specific business challenges as an organisation evolves.

We build highly secure networks for enterprises in the digital age, removing the burden of maintenance and security from internal IT teams and improving overall productivity.

The benefits of a modern enterprise network

Connectivity, always
For all users, things, devices and applications

User experience, optimised
Proactive network optimisation, faster issue resolution and appropriate prioritisation of traffic

Digital transformation, ready
Adapt to rapidly evolving needs, including expansion, scaling, growth and new capabilities

Network management, enhanced
Empower administrators with the ability to set access rules and permissions for users and departments

Security, tightened
Benefit from a primary detector of threats and enforced additional security and compliance

Software, aligned
Benefit from the latest networking and security innovations, keep pace with growing demands as technologies and requirements change

Cloud integration, seamlessly
Access seamless connectivity between users and cloud applications, optimise workloads between on-premise locations and public clouds

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How ROCK can help

Enterprise Networking capabilities

Enterprise networking

Fuel growth, drive digital transformation and enable efficient, automated configuration.

Network security

Proactively protect the integrity, security and accessibility of your computer networks and data.


Save time, enhance security and compliance; improve organisational efficiencies, consistency and network visibility.

Secure Access Service Edge

Benefit from enhanced cloud security for simplicity, scalability, flexibility and universal security.

Secure SD branch

Secure SD-Branch converges security, WAN and LAN into one platform to fuel innovation

Secure web gateway

Benefit from multi-layered defence mechanisms, secured web access, granular control, blocking of threats and malware protection.


Enable flexible communication, tailored and maximised to deliver security protection across branches.


ROCK’s wireless (WiFi) delivers network improvements for enhanced security, power efficiencies, speed and IoT coverage whilst reducing data latency.

Zero trust network access

Protect against identity-based attacks whilst providing greater visibility, data protection, streamlining and compliance.

A strategic partner

to global and national trailblazers

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Optimise your network performance

Enterprise networking has changed. Harness the power and promise of the Cloud; evolve your enterprise networks. Navigate the digital age and beyond.

ROCK’s enterprise networking assessment will review your current network setup, paving the way for an intelligent, optimised enterprise network that supports your operations and objectives.

We're a trusted partner to hundreds of global trailblazers.

Learn why: complete the form to schedule a free demo customised to your specific enterprise networking requirements.

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

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