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Benefit from the reliability, scalability and security your organisation needs to thrive

Reliable, flexible and secure connectivity is essential for any organisation in the digital age. Many organisations struggle with objective assessment of the solutions needed for high-performing, cost-effective connectivity to improve organisational performance.

Multiple providers, long service contracts, increasing costs and uncertainty result in a confusing connectivity landscape. That’s where we can help. As a verticalised expert partner, we’ll empower you with connectivity solutions that work, anywhere, anytime. We deliver more visibility and less complexity — ensuring our clients benefit from a wide variety of connectivity solutions made to help them overcome their specific business challenges.

Focused on security and performance, we help our clients navigate the digital age and beyond, safeguarding them with the best network and tech solutions.

Get connected anywhere, anytime

Connect to the internet

Copper or fibre broadband and leased networking possibilities to deliver optimal connections for your organisation.

  • Leased line
  • Broadband and fibre
  • ISDN
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Connect your distanced sites

Connect your UK sites, that are over 28 miles apart, with Ethernet VPN, or globally with IP Connect and Managed WAN

  • Ethernet VPN
  • IP Connect
  • Managed WAN
  • SD-WAN

How ROCK can help

Enterprise Networking capabilities

Advanced enterprise connectivity

Software-defined networking with fast dedicated internet and data access, making use of MPLS, L3 BGP, P2P, Dark Fibre, ExpressRoute, automated IPAM, and more.

Remote worker solutions

Create a secure, productive and collaborative remote working environment for your workforce. Procure and utilise the right network setups, devices and software.

Internet and connectivity

High-speed, business-grade networks delivering performance advantages. Benefit from better digital user experiences.

Event / emergency connectivity

Reliable, rapidly deployed connectivity with the resilience to handle fluctuating capacity requirements. Make use of satellite, 4/5G, Wi-Fi, AirCast, Starlink, and other technologies.

Enterprise and next-gen Wi-Fi

Secure, fast, reliable Wi-Fi that delivers exceptional user experiences, increased output and better collaboration.

Line of sight (LoS) and campus connectivity

Make use of wireless LAN and WAN for secure, reliable connectivity and cost efficiency.

A strategic partner

to global and national trailblazers

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Optimise your network performance

Enterprise networking has changed. Harness the power and promise of the Cloud; evolve your enterprise networks. Navigate the digital age and beyond.

ROCK’s enterprise networking assessment will review your current network setup, paving the way for an intelligent, optimised enterprise network that supports your operations and objectives.

We're a trusted partner to hundreds of global trailblazers.

Learn why: complete the form to schedule a free demo customised to your specific enterprise networking requirements.

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

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