Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Technology, data, process and organisational change

Digital Transformation

Better serve your stakeholders by accelerating digital transformation

Digital technologies accelerate innovation. However, many organisations struggle to implement a results-driven digital strategy ⁠— one that considers ROI, tangible and intangible benefits, and strengthens the overarching organisational strategy. Improved accessibility, internal and external communications, and the integration of systems can be achieved via digital transformation ⁠— all whilst reducing environmental impact and CO2 levels in the race to reach net zero.

As a strategic partner to our clients, we harness our ecosystem of expertise and experience to take them on a cloud journey focused on upskilling and transformation, creating innovative pathways to the digital age and beyond. Soon, every successful enterprise will be a digital enterprise.

Removing the burden of managing multiple partners and managed service providers, we deliver various solutions from cloud to connectivity, dynamics to data and AI, connectivity to cloud security.

Our tier-one partnerships and our range of professional accreditations demonstrate that we are fixated on providing technology solutions and digital strategies that drive innovation, empowered by our fully verticalized services and expertise.

Strategic thinking

Successful cloud transformation at ROCK: a combination of problem solving and a systematic approach to technology and change management. Ongoing management and optimisation ensure you’re getting the best value.

Analysis of environment and business requirements

Solution selection and design
Selection of cloud platforms, applications and development roadmap

Redeployment of streamlined operating models such as IT, HR, and other business processes

Automation of processes, building capabilities, achieving cost efficiency and performance objectives

Management and optimisation
Continual improvement of technology environment through Premier IT Management

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Transformative partners

We have carefully selected a diverse portfolio of leading providers, each with unique value to offer. This enables us to solve your business and technology problems more effectively. Our capabilities encompass full, multi and hybrid cloud solutions that span Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) options, along with custom development and much more.

We will support you in all strategic decisions at every stage of your digital transformation to equip you with the technology you need to achieve your business goals.


How ROCK can help

Digital Transformation capabilities

ROCK Private Cloud

Capture all the benefits of the Cloud without any of the burden.

Cloud transformation

Reduce the complexities of cloud transformation to improve systems, processes, governance and resources.

Cloud security

Protect your users, data, communications, services, uptime, and more with our cloud security solutions.

Public cloud

Take advantage of public cloud economies of scale and the ease of managed infrastructure and platforms.

Hybrid cloud and multicloud

Connect private and public cloud infrastructure, services and applications to optimise cost and resources.

Cloud migration

Migrate valuable data, workloads, services and more onto the cloud whilst minimising disruption.

Salesforce development

Optimise and automate Salesforce processes to improve customer experience, reduce manual tasks and increase sales.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Modernise your IT estate on AWS’s leading cloud platform. Manage, monitor and optimise your applications and services.

Microsoft Azure

Build your IT estate on Microsoft’s leading cloud platform.

Oracle Cloud

Utilise Oracle’s leading platform to improve your business performance.

SAP development

Customise your SAP services for better visibility, analytics and decision making across your ERP.

Workday deployment

Utilise Workday’s framework for successful deployment of the application, tailored individually.

Cisco IoT

Improve business outcomes with Cisco’s end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio. Create an intelligent bridge between IT and operations.

Google Cloud Platform

Build apps and services on Google’s infrastructure, capturing value in data analytics and machine learning.

Digital Ocean

Build web apps that transform the way your organisation operates. Utilise Digital Ocean’s simple, scalable cloud platform.

Cloud BUDR

Reduce costs, increase availability and uptime, and simplify BUDR with cloud-based services.

Hybrid VDI

Simplify end-user experiences whilst improving device management and infrastructure.

Cloud strategy and change management

Regardless of your organisational goals and aspirations, our ecosystem of expertise will empower you to navigate the cloud and accelerate your digital journey and transformation.

Cloud replication and integration

Automate your data replication processes in a cost-effective and efficient manner. A scalable, robust solution that cost efficiently simplifies and speeds access to data.

Application services

We’ll apply tried and tested methods of application innovation to remove the burden of managing platforms, infrastructure, DevOps, engineering, reporting and continual improvement.

Application development

Develop innovative, disruptive applications. Streamline and automate workflows to create exceptional user experiences.

Cloud engineering and automation

Enable the ability to create, modify and remove resources on the cloud automatically. Improve productivity, security and governance.

Cloud management and optimisation

Optimise resources and manage your cloud ecosystem with our monitoring, protection, and continual optimisation of services.

A strategic partner

to global and national trailblazers

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Create your digital strategy

Organisations embracing digital transformation are growing five times faster.

Develop your digital strategy and transform your organisation to compete in the digital age and beyond. Upskill your technical capabilities; leverage our ecosystem of knowledge and technology alongside our industry insights to deliver on your objectives.

We're a trusted partner to hundreds of global trailblazers.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

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