Collaboration and Audio

Collaboration and Audio

Digital collaboration for exceptional performance

Collaboration and Audio

Build the next generation of enterprise communications

The technology landscape is evolving at a rapid rate. The move to hybrid and remote working has created the need for better collaboration tools that fuel a positive work culture and inclusivity.

We enable our clients with user friendly collaboration tools that ensure secure, seamless participation and engagement, resulting in better productivity. ROCK’s collaboration and audio service promotes inclusivity so your users feel and operate as one team, no matter their location.


Create dynamic team relationships


Improve user satisfaction

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Optimised safety and security


Empowerment with best-in-class tools

Respond to the changing workforce models

As the digital age advances, the way we work is changing. New ways of working can create significant competitive advantages. We’ll help you stay ahead of the curve as new collaboration technologies emerge and as workforce models evolve.


How ROCK can help

Digital Transformation capabilities

Collaboration technologies

Collaborative technologies make it possible for real-time communication and collaboration between teams, regardless of location.

Teams, jira, confluence, slack, mira, whiteboard, devops 

Empowering teams to focus on truly effective and creative work, collaborating in real time without limits. Intuitive setup and friendly UI means you can easily keep all team members and stakeholders stay connected and up to date.

Team and feedback measurement

Ensure user satisfaction with continual improvement. Gain feedback and adapt and improve your collaboration services to make the most of them.

Skype, Teams, Zoom, Webex

Collaboration tools tailored to your organisation to ensure security, user friendliness, integrations and cost-effectiveness.

Virtual call centre

Improve and streamline customer service reliably —  manage change, optimise software and blend channels.

Project management

Manage simple to complex projects and everything in between, cost effectively.


Take your brainstorming digital in a workspace that’s creative, flexible and streamlined.

Issue tracking

Solve support tickets intelligently to improve productivity and user satisfaction whilst improving productivity.

File sharing

Enable seamless unstructured interactions within business processes. Empower your users with knowledge at their fingertips.

Digital asset management

Enhance the potential of digital assets with feature-rich and intuitive digital asset management tools.

A strategic partner

to global and national trailblazers

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

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