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Technology is a major part of education. According to SMART Technologies, at least 65% of schools in the UK are using technology in everyday teaching. With there being such a big reliance on IT to deliver standard teaching, it’s vital that educational organisations get the IT support they need.  

IT support is a managed service that ensures all the digital technology being used in the classroom is effective. Support helps prevent issues and manages your infrastructure so you always have optimal services available.  

A lack of IT support can massively impact the quality of education if something was to go wrong. Learn more about the benefits of IT support for education and how it specifically helps this industry with our free IT audit.   

What is IT Support for Education?  

IT support for education provides organisations like schools, universities, and colleges support services to better manage their IT. This allows these institutions to get more from their technology and make it the most effective it can be.  

We’re in a digital age, and every industry is firmly adopting IT. However, the needs of each industry differ a lot. IT support for education provides a tailored service that helps overcome the specific challenges that educational businesses face.  

By targeting the particular needs of staff and students in the education industry, IT support helps you meet your goals and enable technology to make a big difference in how you deliver education.  

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Why the Education Industry Needs IT Support  

IT is everywhere within the education industry. It’s a core component of delivering education, but it also helps teachers and organisations manage materials and data.  

With IT, schools, universities, and colleges can improve performance and make their institution a more attractive place for students to learn. Find out more in this example on how our IT support increased University admissions

Here’s a detailed look at the many ways that IT support can benefit the education sector.  

Promotes Seamless Learning  

IT is used constantly within education. For it to be effective, teachers need to keep disruption to a minimum. Technical glitches, network outages, or not being able to access a service can all disrupt the flow of a lesson and harm student development.   

Limiting downtime is critical for all industries, but it’s especially important in education. IT support helps ensure that any technical problems are not just fixed quickly but prevented.  

Removing IT issues to create a seamless learning environment improves the quality for students. This is even more important for students learning remotely online.  

According to the BBC, 28% of University courses are being taught in a hybrid way.  

Any IT issues can prevent remote students from studying, impacting the quality of their education.  

Data Security Compliance  

Educational organisations like primary schools and colleges have a lot of sensitive data and information about their students. This information needs to be kept safe and managed correctly.  

IT support for education will focus on improving cyber security compliance to keep this data secure. Support teams will implement measures to safeguard the data from cyber threats, unauthorised access, and data loss.  

An IT support team will regularly update their cyber defence, encrypt data, and provide training to staff to ensure everything is secure.  

Streamlined Infrastructure  

Educational institutions rely on complicated technology infrastructures to assist various aspects of operations, from administrative tasks to classroom activities. These infrastructures encompass networks, servers, devices, and software systems that need consistent maintenance to keep them functional. 

IT support teams play a key role in managing these infrastructures and can provide services like cloud solutions to support remote learning. 

Continuous Monitoring 

Educational institutions like schools will often have a lot of endpoints and accounts to monitor, especially if each student has online access. This can be tough to manage in-house.  

An IT support team designed for education will be able to monitor and manage your school’s network and accounts so that it all works as it should.  

With a dedicated support desk, any IT issues a student has can be resolved quickly.  

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Our IT Support for Education  

We provide IT support for education that’s designed with you in mind.  

We work closely alongside your goals. Everything we do is created to help your educational organisation thrive and achieve its full potential.  

Our IT support is flexible to your needs, able to provide both on-site and remote support as and when you need it. We’re available whenever you need us, with the ability to adapt depending on your goals and needs.  

Our experienced team is committed to ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences, robust data security, and seamless tech infrastructure management. By collaborating with us, you can empower your institution to harness the full potential of technology in education. 

Learn more about our approach to IT Support and how we can benefit your organisation in the education industry.  


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