Updated 28 February 2024

How to Get The Right IT Support For Law Firms

Every business sector. Every industry. Every company has different IT support needs. A general approach to IT support isn’t as strong as a more refined service. The support that a service desk provides needs to change to suit the needs of each client.  

Law firms, as well as solicitors and barristers, have unique IT needs. We understand that. Every industry needs a tailored approach to meet their business goals. IT is instrumental in helping law firms thrive; but only if the support they get suits their needs.  

Learn how IT support providers like ROCK fine-tune their services to make them best suited for law firms.  

How Law Firms Can Use IT Support  

It should never feel like you’re using IT and digital technology for the sake of it. The technology that you use in your law firm should enhance what you do and how you do it. With tech support designed for law firms, there are so many ways you can utilise it for success.  

Manage Cases  

Each case has a lot of steps to get through for before it reaches its conclusion. Law cases will contain a lot of different documents that need to be managed effectively to keep the firm productive. Those documents will likely have different permissions, so that only the people relevant to the case can access them.  

IT support helps to effectively manage those permissions so that only the right people have access. 

Each legal case can also last a long time, so there are often multiple to manage at any given time. IT Support provides tools that make document management more streamlined.  

Support desks can provide bespoke software and programs that make use of automation and AI to make management easier. With IT, law firms can better track the progress of each case, and even work through them quicker. All of this combines to create a more productive law firm. 

Communicate with Clients 

Working in law is often a collaborative role. Being in consistent communication with your team or clients is very important. IT support helps with this.  

According to research by the BTI Consulting Group, 70% of law firm clients prefer to communicate virtually. To meet this growing expectation, law firms depend on IT technology to facilitate this. IT support for law firms ensures that all your online communication programs are working correctly and capable of handling demand. 

Stay Secure 

The data and information you have within a law firm is sensitive. Keeping it secure is crucial. A data breach can harm the reputation of your law firm, impacting business, and losing this data can lead to downtime. Both of these situations are costly to deal with.  

IT support for law firms ensures that you have robust cyber security in place to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack. 65% of UK law firms have been victims of a cyber-attack, according to the Law Society. Partnering with an IT support provider protects your data, which you can turn into a competitive edge.  

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Benefits of Our IT Support for Law Firms 

Our IT support for law firms goes beyond the standard. We provide support that works for your needs. Everything we do is deliberate and focused on overcoming your IT pain points. A tailored IT solution is the best IT solution. 

We know what a law firm needs for its IT Support to thrive. With ROCK, you can expect:  

24/7 Assistance  

Many law firms operate around the clock. If you don’t stop, you’re IT support shouldn’t either. With 24/7 support, your IT tickets can be resolved whenever you need them. This keeps your firm agile, productive, and dependable.  

Remote Accessibility 

Law is becoming an increasingly hybrid industry. To facilitate that working model, law firms need IT Support to manage networks and infrastructure. The ability of those working in law to manage files from anywhere expands their capabilities, giving them a competitive advantage. 

Best Practices Compliance 

Law firms must follow multiple regulations within their industry. IT support for law firms makes it easier to remain compliant and keep up with the industry's best practices. Expert IT support makes sure that everything your firm does is within regulations like GDPR or HIPAA.  

Our IT Support also follows leading frameworks to ensure that we deliver a quality service. Frameworks like ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) provide best practices that align IT with business needs. This framework, as well as others, ensures our support focuses on delivering benefits to our customers by using ITSM best practices.  


Get More Out of Your Law Firm With Our IT Support 

We’re in a digital age. Reliable, efficient, and adaptive IT is a core part of any successful law firm. You can’t ignore the importance of IT support in this industry. Partnering with an IT support provider like ROCK allows law firms to use technology to your advantage.  

With quality IT support, you can focus on what you do best: delivering exceptional legal services. To push your law firm forward, explore our tailored IT support services that drive success.  You can learn more about how we can help your business with a free IT support audit. 


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