The Benefits of IT Support for Charities

Charities and non-profit organisations work tirelessly to achieve their goal of making the world a better place. It’s the entire reason why charities exist. To be successful, every aspect of your organisation needs to align with your mission. That includes your IT and digital technology.  

The non-profit sector has been lagging in IT adoption, but things are starting to change. According to Charity Digital Skills, 82% of charities now see digital technology as a greater priority. With an increased adoption of IT, charities need to make use of support services to ensure everything is implemented correctly.  

A digitally transformed charity will be far more capable to succeed and generate donations in a more technology-focused world. But with an increased usage of IT comes the risk of that technology going wrong. IT support for charities safeguards your organisation and ensures that your IT enhances your fundraising efforts.  

Learn more about IT support and how it can revolutionise your charity.  

What is IT Support for Charities?  

IT support assists with a variety of technological issues. In essence, IT support looks after your entire IT infrastructure. This includes your hardware, software, networks, accounts, and data.  

IT support differs between providers, with some being more comprehensive than others. With our IT support, you get complete coverage that can provide services like:  

  • Data backup and recovery  
  • Cloud computing capabilities  
  • Hardware and software management  
  • A support desk to troubleshoot IT problems  
  • Network monitoring 
  • Cyber security  

​​​​​​​IT support for charities takes this standard approach and adapts it so that it’s more suitable for the charity sector. Each industry will have its own specific IT needs. IT support for charities will tailor these services to the goals of your charity so that they’re more effective.  

At ROCK, our support services for non-profits take the time to learn about the needs of your charity, building an IT solution that enhances your potential. We know the common challenges charities like yours face and provide IT support that combats them.  

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Technology Challenges Charities Face 

Each type of organisation has their own specific obstacles to overcome. Charities are no different. We’re experts in IT support for charities and understand the specific pain points that your IT needs to overcome.  

Limited Resources 

Non-profits usually operate on a tight budget. The less spent on managing the organisation, the more can be put towards the cause you’re raising funds for. A tight budget means that a smaller percentage of it is being spent on IT infrastructure and support.  

How IT Support Helps:  

IT support for charities understands the budget limitations that non-profits face. Support providers offer cost-effective IT solutions that ensure you can enhance your technology without draining resources. 

Outsourced IT support can mitigate the costs of hosting your own IT network and department on-site, and scalable cloud service platforms ensure that you’re only paying for software as and when you need it.  

Cyber Security Concerns 

As charities become more digital and adopt technology, they become more susceptible to cyber threats. These can compromise the sensitive data you hold, hindering your ability to work while also reducing the public’s trust in you.  

According to a government poll, 24% of UK charities suffered a security breach or attack in 2023. An attack can be costly for a small charity to deal with. This means to stay secure, businesses in the non-profit sector need to prioritise cyber security.  

How IT Support Helps: 

IT service desks can create security measures to protect your data and support your organisation. Cyber security makes your charity more robust, reliable, and resilient. IT support teams can monitor your network, identifying vulnerabilities while fixing any potential issues before they develop.  

Improving your cyber security fosters trust and credibility, increasing the likelihood of donations. 

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Lack of Technical Expertise 

The Non-profit sector has a high number of staff that aren’t computer literate. This means that many workers aren’t able to get the most out of the technology available to them. Specifically, charity workers may find it difficult to navigate complex IT systems and fix any issues that may arise.  

According to UK Fundraising, 55% of the 504 charities surveyed said they’re poor at digital fundraising. Plus, 57% said they’re poor at analysing website data. This lack of knowledge is harming charities’ potential to connect with donors.  

How IT Support Helps:  

IT service management teams can create training programs and workshops for staff, empowering them to use technology effectively. This not only gives staff the confidence to engage with technology but also equips them with the skills to avoid issues in the future.  

This training has a positive effect on productivity while reducing downtime caused by technical difficulties.  

The Ability to Scale 

Charities need to be flexible and be able to adapt to change. As they grow and the size of their organisation increases, the IT needs get more intricate. Charities need a service that can scale with them and adapt to their changing needs and goals.  

How IT Support Helps:  

With IT Support for charities, experts can collaborate with non-profits to develop a long-term plan that matches their goals and expectations for the future. IT service desks can integrate software best suited for the future and create cloud and hardware solutions that can handle any potential growth that the charity expects.  

Our Approach to IT Support for Charities  

Our IT support is personal. We start with an audit to explore the needs and priorities of your business. This allows us to build an IT support solution that works for you; not anyone else.  

Our team is made up of experts, all with industry-leading qualifications to provide a quality solution for your organisation. Our support is delivered remotely for enhanced flexibility and adaptability, but we also offer on-site assistance when you need face-to-face support.  

Build an  IT support solution that works for you. Start with a free IT audit to see where your non-profit can thrive. Get more out of your technology and transform the capabilities of your charity so that you can really make a difference. 


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