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Juggling your evolving IT demands internally can be a real headache...

ROCK will work with you to understand your current IT setup and business needs. As your strategic partner, we can make a plan to measure – a perfect fit to help you remove the burden of technology.

Whether you are an SME just starting out on a new project or an IT Manager with an in-house team looking to extend your capabilities, ROCK can help you get where you need to go.

Say goodbye to IT burdens and let us craft a rock-solid IT support service that your stakeholders and communities can truly rely on.

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We deliver results you can measure

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Why partner with ROCK for your IT support?

Full ITIL 4 Alignment

We implement industry-standard ITIL practices to optimise your IT services, ensuring efficient, cost-effective and user-centric IT operations.

World-Class Service Desk

We offer a support solution customised just for you, delivering outstanding customer service, efficient problem-solving, and hassle-free IT support experiences.

IT Management

We take charge of managing and fine-tuning your IT infrastructure and processes, so they align with your business goals and minimise disruptions.

24/7 Unlimited Support

If your business doesn't stop at 5pm, then ours shouldn't either. So, you can have confidence that support is available whenever you need it.

Onsite Support Services

We're here when you need us. Our team of professional engineers can provide on-site support as your business grows and your requirements evolve.

Dedicated IT Resource

We help you with your unique technology needs and challenges, making sure your IT infrastructure and operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

The experience you need, from a partner you can trust

You can be confident you are receiving the right solutions for you, implemented with care and a laser focus on quality.
We hold the highest qualifications and adhere to the strictest industry standards.

What sets ROCK apart as an IT Support provider

“I always recommend that companies take advantage of our free audit. We're proud of the fact that our highest performing clients started with this simple but effective free service.”

Tom Aubin, Director of Consulting

Our Story

We’ve gone from a start-up to one of the UK’s largest IT Support providers. All in less than 15 years.

Started in 2008

ROCK CEO, Rob Dance, started the business in 2008 from his parent’s garage.

With £1,000 in the bank

He sold his Renault 5 to fund the business and began with just £1,000 in his pocket. Working from a Peugeot Partner van with a box of leaflets, Rob delivered these to businesses on the weekend, taking IT jobs in the week.

A one-man IT-solution to over 100 employees

Evolving from a one-man IT solution, ROCK saw steady growth, transforming into one of the UK’s largest IT Support providers. Now supported by over 100 quality, industry-leading employees and IT professionals, ROCK helps businesses in all four sectors thrive.

Now trusted by multiple household names

2012 was the ‘big bang’ moment for ROCK, where a number of recognisable brands started to adopt our service. We’ve been supporting big names ever since, building over 10 years of experience working with companies at the top of their industries. Recognised as having some of the most technically gifted staff working for us, we help organisations like yours remove the burden of technology.

Driving value for our clients

We tailor our services to your business needs, getting the most out of your IT solutions. We have a track record that leveraging our capabilities will protect your organisation and drive value. We’ll deliver products and services that are hyper-relevant to you, use tech to build an immersive experience for your clients, and rewire your workforce to have a customer and technology-first mindset.

Trusted and approved by the UK Government

Our people standards

Say goodbye to IT burdens

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