Discover the power of cloud-based ITSM

IT Service Management (ITSM) defines how outsourced IT is planned, managed, and delivered, following frameworks that prioritise flexibility and stability. Cloud-based ITSM builds on this groundwork to revolutionise how IT services are delivered.  

Cloud computing offers the potential to benefit IT services in various ways, helping businesses find high-performing IT solutions. 

According to research from Globe News Wire, the current market size of cloud-based ITSM was $4.8 billion and is projected to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10% up till 2033. It’s no surprise that cloud-based solutions are becoming a key component of ITSM. 

Cloud solutions are already firmly established in multiple business areas; learn how IT support operatives utilise cloud-based management tools to enhance IT service management and provide a superior level of service to their clients.  

Understanding Cloud-based ITSM 

Cloud-based ITSM describes the use of cloud solutions and tools within ITSM. Rather than downloading software and applications to hardware, ITSM tools are instead owned, delivered and managed remotely, accessed by online connections. 

Through cloud capabilities, software can easily be updated, scaled, and used to empower ITSM teams to provide a premium range of services: from incident and problem management to change control and asset tracking. Enabling flexibility, the cloud gives IT service providers the power to access the most optimal tools for a specific task from anywhere, at any time. The need for extensive hardware investments and maintenance is eliminated, creating a streamlined approach. 

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Benefits of Cloud-based ITSM 

Cloud-based ITSM offers multiple enhancements that transform IT outsourced services. It has the potential to drive the capabilities of a service desk further, delivering a refined ITSM solution for clients. Cloud-based ITSM pushes the boundaries for outsourced IT providers, allowing them to offer more advantages to their customers. It’s a win-win for everyone. 


Cloud-based ITSM tools benefit from enhanced security. With the tools being delivered as a SaaS, the provider will be responsible for security updates and implementation. Data stored on cloud-based solutions undergo strict management and security policies, making them super secure. Plus, suppliers of ITSM tools invest heavily in robust security infrastructure. 

For IT support customers, this means that your data is harder to compromise, protecting your business further from breaches and attacks. On-premises ITSM is more susceptible to hardware failure, which can compromise data security. 


While being hosted through the internet, cloud solutions are accessible from anywhere. This empowers remote teams, giving service desks more flexibility and availability to provide support. Teams also have greater visibility of ITSM tools and asset management, ensuring that a good quality of service is delivered. 

This can lead to a more round-the-clock service for businesses partnering with a managed IT service, helping tickets get resolved at pace with reduced wait time. Businesses can also expect enhanced service performance thanks to the accessibility that cloud ITSM tools provide. 


Using cloud ITSM can reduce the expenditure of IT service providers. As many cloud tools operate through a pay-as-you-us subscription model, users only pay for what they need. Through cloud, ITSM tools don’t need to be stored on in-house servers or devices, making them more cost-effective. 

These slashed operation costs can lead to a more cost-effective outsourced IT support service.  

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Is Cloud-based ITSM right for your business? 

Each year, more and more businesses turn to cloud-based technology to deliver countless business-critical functionality. Cloud-based ITSM has multiple benefits, but some organisations can be tentative to move away from on-premises solutions. We get it, old habits are hard to break, but hesitation can be holding you back. 

According to Multisoft Virtual Academy, Cloud computing can be up to 40% more cost-effective than an in-house IT system. It has the potential to change the game; many can’t afford to ignore it for much longer. 

We’re massive advocates for cloud-based tools, but we understand that every business’s digital transformation will look different. Our people know their stuff and can identify the optimal solutions that match your business goals to help push your organisation forward. At ROCK, we’re more than an IT consultancy, we’re your partner. Connect with us for committed, tailored IT outsourced services that work specifically for your business. 



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