Reimagining the cloud to reduce a construction firm's IT spend

At a glance

A growing construction company, ConstructCo* with offices based around the UK was struggling to link their business strategy to their digital capabilities, both suffering as a result.

The situation

ConstructCo* were struggling with a lack of internal skills, looking to adapt how they were using the cloud: aiming to digitally transform and grow further. ROCK was proud to help ConstructCo* maximise speed, sustainability and agility, cost-effectively.

As part of ROCK’s Digital Transformation service ROCK was able to implement a successful digital transformation strategy, aimed at addressing security concerns, performance issues and growth aspirations – empowering ConstructCo* with the skills and knowledge to achieve real change and innovation.

ConstructCo* were also concerned about their environmental impact, looking to minimise this via the power and promise of technology.


  • Implement a hybrid cloud strategy
  • Modernise and develop applications
  • Improve cloud security and platform availability

How we helped

  • Platform availability increased to 99.9999%
  • Implemented a hybrid cloud strategy
  • Applications modernised to improve productivity by over 25%
  • Reduced IT spend by over 20%


In analysing ConstrcutCo’s* cloud environment it was clear that reporting and analytics weren’t being used intuitively and that they were lacking in digital strategy. ROCK was successfully able to design a hybrid cloud strategy to modernise and develop ConstructCo’s* applications, ensuring an increase in productivity of over 25% whilst increasing platform availability by 99.9999%.

To improve ConstructCo’s* carbon emissions and operational spending we also analysed their computer power, ensuring workloads and availability were correctly managed and sized. Heightened by the leverage of the cloud’s horizontal scaling we were able to work with applications teams to define automated shutdown schedules based on usage patterns, reducing carbon footprint entire.

ConstructCo* were able to reinvest the cost-efficiencies they were able to make as a consequence of ROCK’s Digital Transformation and cloud Platform services and went on to open three new offices throughout the UK, supported throughout by our team.

*We value our clients and their right to confidentiality. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


The sky’s the limit for digitally transformed charity

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