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At a glance

MarketCo*, a successful marketing agency with offices throughout Europe, had recently restructured. As a result, various members of creative and technical staff from different locations needed to collaborate with one another in order to fulfil clients’ briefs. When this resulted in missed deadlines and client complaints, MarketCo* contacted ROCK seeking our Total IT Management service, as well as empowering collaboration tools.

The situation

Following MarketCo's* top-down restructure, they were looking to partner with a provider who could support their worldwide business aspirations. Via our Total IT Management service, we focused on ensuring their business strategy was bolstered by a comprehensive digital strategy, auditing to assess their foundations for success. Relieving MarketCo's* internal IT teams of their technology burden we were able to increase productivity levels by over 10%, increasing user satisfaction and empowering the team to significantly increase their monthly ROI. 

As MarketCo* had begun to expand into Europe it had become necessary for various members of their creative and technical teams, all based in various offices throughout Europe, to work collaboratively. This was proving to be a problem, as team members often said that client requirements were not clear and that it was not clear who was supposed to do what. This was bad for performance, task fulfilment, and customer satisfaction.

After reviewing MarketCo's* communications infrastructure and project processes ROCK immediately noted that the company used conference calls exclusively and had not leveraged video conferencing tech. This was problematic as one team member would compile briefs following meetings with clients before disseminating salient information to colleagues via a conference call – a system that was proving to be highly ineffective.

Further investigations also revealed that they did not use project management software as a means of delegating tasks and monitoring progress.


  • Implementation of an information technology strategy
  • Install video conferencing tech in head office and associated software on devices in all others
  • Use project management software to track progress and deadlines

How we helped

  • 20% reduction in missed deadlines
  • 43% reduction in client complaints
  • 74% improvement in employee satisfaction


Relieving MarketCo* of their technology and change burden empowered them to focus on what they do best. Harnessing the power and promise of technology we were able to guide them to work more collaboratively, more strategically and more productively. We were able to save MarketCo* over 40% on their technology costs, in choosing just one vertical provider they benefit from a strategic technology partner who knows their capabilities, and aspirations, holistically. 

Our engineers provided staff with training on how to use relevant systems and their new video conferencing software, inviting staff from various countries to attend virtual meetings. Engineers from ROCK’s partners throughout Europe assisted with the training of staff and the installation of required applications at MarketCo’s* other locations.

ROCK also, having collaborated with various members of MarketCo’s* team, identified project management software that would assist them in meeting deadlines, and ensure that all team members were aware of their responsibilities. With assistance from our in-house innovation team, we developed the platform to integrate other key lines of business software and tailor the platform to MarketCo's* exact needs.

As a result of these changes, MarketCo* missed 20% fewer deadlines. Client complaints also fell by 43%, both as a result of more deadlines being hit and management software making it significantly easier for team members to monitor project progress and inform clients of likely delays in advance.

Finally, when MarketCo* polled their employees to ascertain their overall happiness levels, they observed a 74% improvement compared to the previous year.

*We value our clients and their right to a confidential consultation. While the name has been altered, the results are real.


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