Data Management and Analytics

Data Management and Analytics

Actionable intelligence for improved decision making

Data Management and Analytics

Sourcing a single version of the truth

Enterprise organisations can be compromised by an absence of a single version of truth, and often lack the data and analytic capabilities to drive optimal business intelligence.

Poorly integrated systems coupled with a lack of internal knowledge can lead to data compliance issues and consequences.

Create a data-driven culture

As a strategic partner to our clients, we’re unwavering in our commitment to data quality, unlocking data across all systems to empower accurate reporting and decision making.

Unlocking and connecting data across the entire organisation, we create self-service BI capabilities. From sales and marketing to human resources to IT and beyond, our data initiatives gain deep insights to deliver better business performance. Data protection and security are paramount to all our solutions.

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How ROCK can help

Data and Automation capabilities

Data science and business analytics

Enriched, normalised data can enhance your machine learning models, business analytics and other data science workloads.

Business analytics

An iterative exploration of organisation data to solve business problems.

Business intelligence

Transform your data to reduce risks and costs. Review both structured and unstructured datasets to create actionable forecasting and intelligence.

Smart data discovery

Gain a better understanding of your data with user friendly analytics. Explore and visualise business insights.

Predictive analytics

Forecast confidently as to what’s coming, empowering your decision making processes.

Prescriptive analytics

Make smarter business decisions with data science optimisation; improve reporting and ROI.

Data management

Benefit from expert data management to derive more value from your data, limitlessly.

Database management

Ensure users can quickly, effectively and securely access data across your organisation.

Data warehouse

Build the right data foundation to ensure your data is secure and available whenever and wherever you need it.

Unified governance and integration

Build a reliable foundation for analytics, forging better agility, insights and compliance.

A strategic partner

to global and national trailblazers

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Data and Automation

Data and Automation

Data and Automation

Data and Automation

Data and Automation

Data and Automation

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