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Having experienced greater global competition and change in recent years, we know that Agribusiness need to focus on tightening running costs, stronger client interactions and automating operations.

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In 1999, the planet’s population stood at 6 billion; today, it stands at 7.7 billion. It is also estimated that this figure grows by approximately 82 million annually.

This explosive growth is driving considerable demand for increased agricultural output. Additionally, with land becoming an increasingly scarce resource, organisations need to develop practices that maximise yields.

In order to meet this demand, businesses that grow crops, rear livestock etc. must ensure they are au fait with – and able to cater to – existing and developing trends. Developing ever more efficient processes is also of paramount importance.

ROCK have leveraged multiple techniques to assist producers in each regard. In particular, big data and analytics provide valuable insights that drive more efficient practices and enhance productivity. Connecting equipment such as farming machinery to this software and leveraging APIs to deliver single pane of glass dashboards featuring all salient metrics has also facilitated superior forecasting that enables greater output.

Partnering with our clients in the agribusiness sector, ROCK understand the unique barriers to success such businesses typically encounter and, by developing bespoke digital transformation strategies, help them to navigate uncertain and continuously shifting terrain to achieve meaningful and sustainable results.


What We Do

  • Develop digital transformation strategies with a result focused approach
  • Competitor and key client market research services
  • Rethink supply chains to enable cost reduction and improve efficiency
  • Reimagine client experience strategies
  • Supplier and client risk strategy development and monitoring

  • Develop IoT implementation strategies


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