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ROCK can help organisations implement telephony solutions that leverage digital networks in order to deliver superior call quality whilst simultaneously reducing associated expenditure.

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By modern standards, the telephone seems like a fairly innocuous piece of technology. It has, after all, been commonplace for so long that the vast majority of us have grown up with and used them regularly. Sadly, like most reliable and omnipresent devices, they are regularly taken for granted and the vital role they play in day-to-day life – and organisational processes – is consistently overlooked.

So regularly is this unassuming but vital component disregarded, in fact, that two million businesses are still reliant on ISDN lines that will, as of 2025, be switched off permanently. Not only does this mean that these organisations will be unable to call leads, receive calls from vendors etc. if they fail to act, but also that they’re paying more for an inferior service.

Move to VoIP

Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP systems make calls by exchanging packets of audio data from one device to another. They are not constrained by outdated infrastructure and, vitally, as internal calls are free and packages typically include generous allowances, are significantly cheaper.

Organisations that deal with high volumes of calls, or need to use a single network across multiple locations can also benefit from voice services that are delivered over the internet. SIP systems can, for example, direct calls to several numbers to one location and hardware can also be added to or removed from these systems with ease, making them highly practical for organisations affected by seasonal shifts in demand.


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