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ROCK can offer a multitude of mobile devices and allowances as well as contract lengths ranging from 30 days to 36 months. We can also manage mobile fleets in their entirety.

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Enabling a truly agile workforce

The widespread adoption of mobile telephony fundamentally changed the world of business. With vocal communication between employees, vendors, leads and more having been enabled without the need for workforces to be tethered to an office, organisational efficiency was greatly improved.

Recent developments in mobile technology have yielded greater improvements: devices now enable communications of all kinds to be conducted remotely, streamline collaboration processes and, via bespoke business applications, can be used to view vital metrics in real-time.

Mobile devices are now a vital business resource and, as a result, contracts that are cost-efficient whilst also meeting user’s needs are crucial to success. ROCK offer a wide-array of competitively-priced business phone contracts and devices – which we can also manage – in order to meet the needs of organisations across multiple sectors and industries.

Multiple options; the right solution

ROCK’s clients can choose from multiple carriers, contract lengths ranging from 30 days to 36 months, various allowances and a wide selection of the latest devices. Sim-only contracts are also available for organisations that already have a fleet of devices at their disposal.

In order to ease the administrative burden of managing a fleet of devices and ensuring that the right deals are frequently leveraged, ROCK also offer synchronised start dates. Clients simply inform us when an existing contract is due to expire, we source them the best deal and then activate the new contract and device (if applicable) on the relevant date. Multiple start dates can be added simultaneously and the price agreed at the point of sale will not increase. In fact, should the cost of the agreed package/s fall prior to the agreed start date/s, so will the price you pay.

Centralised asset management

Managing a fleet of mobile devices can be problematic. In order to ease the administrative burden, ROCK provide clients with access to a central console that can be used to manage devices remotely. This software affords administrators granular control over their devices, enabling various changes including patching, permission adjustments, setting alterations and more to be made instantaneously. Importantly, this software also identifies endpoints that generate gaps in security and advises on how they can be plugged in real-time. If required, ROCK can also undertake the management of your fleet in its entirety.

ROCK also offer our clients several additional services including device insurance, extended warranties and setup if required.


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