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Software Defined Networking

ROCK can design advanced networks that leverage virtualised setups to enable instantaneous scalability and rapid reconfiguration from any location.

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Next-gen networking

Before the advent of cloud technology, organisations’ networks were comprised of physical infrastructure. Typically, this resulted in multiple devices being present across several sites and decentralised maintenance procedures generating disparate and inconsistent practices.

Physical infrastructure had further limitations, too. Alterations, for example, could take days or even weeks to implement. Upgrading a server was highly problematic; likewise, when storage media with higher capacities was needed, downtime – or, at the very least, overtime – was inevitable. Software defined networking provides a solution to these and a myriad of the other drawbacks typically associated with networks depended upon on-site equipment.

Responsive, agile and prompt response

With all management capability concerning an organisation’s network accessible from the cloud; SDN can be managed from virtual locations and by fewer administrators than a traditional MPLS or legacy network layout, thus ensuring cost reduction and greater consistency. Additionally, it enables rapid reconfigurations where required.

Vitally, when an organisation needs to scale performance, storage etc., they are no longer dependent upon the acquisition of new equipment; instead, they’re afforded instant access to petabytes of storage capacity, more powerful servers or any other upgrade they may require.

Solutions unique to you

Extracting the greatest possible benefit from software defined networking is dependent upon an understanding of not just the technology itself, but the affected organisation, too. As part of our SDN, network design and network architecture services, our consultants leverage a holistic understanding of each of our clients – gathered via an in-depth and rigorous auditing processes – to identify the exact solution required, as well as ensure that any strategy we create is robust and agile enough to adjust to client’s changing needs.


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