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ROCK help our clients find the valuable insights hidden in vast swathes of data, leveraging an in-depth understanding of their objectives to develop robust reporting frameworks to deliver salient information that would otherwise have remained hidden.

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Business intelligence derived from empirical evidence

The vast swathes of data being created each and every day can provide businesses with powerful insights. Free from bias and supposition, if used correctly, big data analytics can improve numerous functions by enabling decisions that are informed by a single source of truth.

Utilising this powerful tool effectively is, however, difficult. The right data sources need to be identified, as does the right platform for analysing them. For all of the benefits the right strategies can generate, the wrong one can quickly drive little more than ineffective decisions and fiscal waste.

Determining key metrics; empowering analysis

ROCK’s team of knowledgeable consultants audit our clients’ organisations in order to glean a detailed appreciation of their models, practices and objectives. This, in turn, is blended with a review of their various infrastructures in order to identify valuable data sources.

Following this, data can be mined and the metrics that will provide rich information located. A bespoke reporting framework is then developed in which valuable insights can be delivered via tools such as bespoke applications or dashboards.

Continuous support and improvement

With business’s goals and methods needing to change regularly, ROCK’s big data analytics consultancy services feature an agile approach. We subject our strategies to regular reviews in order to ensure that the correct metrics and data sets are leveraged and that analytical and reporting tools are fully optimised.

We also provide all of our clients with access to support that can be contacted at any time and throughout the year.


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