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Security Education

ROCK provide our clients’ employees with on-site GCHQ certified training that enhances their understanding of cyber crime and how they can help their respective organisations combat it.

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Employee training approved by GCHQ

In order for a cyber security strategy to be truly resilient, it must incorporate means of enhancing employees’ understanding of the vital role that they play in preventing nefarious actors from accessing an organisation’s networks. Advancements in artificial intelligence, deep-learning algorithms and, by association, anti-virus software have brought about infrastructures that are significantly more robust, but cyber criminals regularly still gain access to them – and research has revealed that, in the vast majority of instances, this is because of human error.

ROCK can provide GCHQ approved online and on-site training that is detailed, free of jargon and designed to leave attendees feeling assured and confident in their ability to combat cyber crime. Most importantly, it is tailored to your organisation and needs.

Tailored kinaesthetic learning

Our training is centred around role-playing activities based on real-world cyber attacks. It is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of how cyber criminals gain access to businesses’ infrastructures and the negative ways it can affect organisations and their customers. Attendees will take part in several simulation tasks related to phishing, with more senior staff partaking in tasks – again based on real-world scenarios – where hypothetical businesses face several threats to the security of their digital infrastructures.

Fostering a security-conscious culture

Maintaining secure networks requires proactivity and, as a direct result, our training is designed to empower attendees, leaving them capable of identifying, and therefore reporting, flaws in infrastructure. In turn, this aids the creation of a culture within which a communal responsibility concerning cyber security is engendered. Our remote training allows all of your organisation's users to receive bitesize, relevant information that impacts their roles – based on an audit carried out by our consultancy team beforehand.


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