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Security Certification

Studies have revealed that 87.5% of consumers are concerned about the security of their data. ROCK help our clients achieve Cyber Essentials certification to allay such concerns and win new clients.

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Powerful and persuasive

Thanks to a number of breaches having occurred at well-known organisations over the past few years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the fact that cyber criminals can steal their identities and bank details from the companies that are in possession of them.

Studies have revealed that 87.5% of people are concerned with the security of their data. Furthermore, 78% of respondents stated that they would no longer engage with a brand that suffered a data breach. The inference is clear: organisations that are able to prove that they are dedicated to protecting customers’ data are able to leverage a highly persuasive selling point – and ROCK can aid organisations looking to demonstrate this.

Cyber Essentials certification

Having recognised the need for businesses to tackle the threat posed by cyber crime, the UK’s government launched a scheme known as Cyber Essentials. As part of this programme, companies that have implemented security measures can apply for certification that will serve as proof of the fact their cyber security is sufficiently robust via accreditation symbols that can be displayed across their portfolio of digital and other marketing assets. 

ROCK can help companies implement and document the changes they make as well as assist with the process of compiling the evidence needed to support any application.

Advanced accreditation

Organisations looking to implement enhanced security measures as well as gain accreditation can also benefit from ROCK’s services: we can assist with the development of measures that will enhance their cyber security strategies thus significantly increasing the likelihood of an application for Cyber Essentials Plus or even prestigious accreditations, such as ISO 27001, being more successful. We can also assist with all associated submissions.

Companies that are able to demonstrate their dedication to protecting their clients’ data will be able to utilise a powerful and persuasive tool that will help them win new business as well as engage and retain existing customers. 


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