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Data Centre Services

ROCK develop broad and in-depth understandings of clients’ organisations before identifying cost-effective and beneficial data centre services that will enhance their resiliency.

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Assured backup solutions

Robust, well-thought-out backup strategies and contingencies are vital components of business resilience and continuity plans. Data centres – with their ability to receive and automatically create copies of information within remote locations – are essential parts of these strategies.

With more than half of all businesses throughout the UK failing to utilise off-site backups in any capacity whatsoever, though, an alarmingly large number of organisations are putting themselves at considerable – and completely avoidable – risk.

Managed data centre solutions

ROCK can, following us having developed a broad and in-depth understanding of a client’s business and requirements, identify data centre services that will meet their exact needs. We can, if required, also implement migrations and automated backup processes.

In addition, we can manage these solutions in their entirety, expeditiously identifying and resolving faults whilst also developing restoration procedures to ensure continuity in the event of data loss.

Support and ongoing development

ROCK’s clients are afforded unparalleled peace of mind as a result of technical support that is always available. This is perfectly complemented by our ongoing reviews procedures wherein we regularly scrutinise strategies and solutions in order to identify any that may be superior to those already in place and implementing changes where required.


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