Application Development

ROCK leverage a holistic understanding of the challenges clients face before developing bespoke applications designed to address them.

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Fully-customised, precise solutions

With business-specific applications and software capable of easing workloads and driving productivity, it should come as no surprise that demand for them has been high and that the market is close to saturation point. Even though off-the-shelf software can improve operations, though, something built exclusively for an organisation can do far more than bring about progress – it can fundamentally change companies for the better.

Fact-finding, designing and testing

Application development is informed by both a brief that describes what a client wishes to achieve, and a comprehensive understanding of their organisation and what is practicable.

ROCK combine unparalleled technical knowledge and business acumen with a comprehensive understanding of a client’s organisation – gleaned through an in-depth auditing procedure incorporating stakeholder opinion – to refine and enhance initial briefs.

Following this, we begin the task of designing the application, employing an agile approach to ensure granular functionality and exceptional usability. All applications are also rigorously tested, with all bugs eradicated prior to launch.

Maintenance, support and refinement

As well as maintaining your application and providing ongoing support, ROCK will also subject its various functions, interface and code to frequent reviews to ensure it remains optimised and fit-for-purpose.

Additionally, just as business’s plans, processes, offerings etc. must evolve, so must their applications. ROCK offer a unique Innovations as a Service solution that affords clients access to a team of skilled developers for a monthly retainer to ensure support is available when required.


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