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Video Conferencing & Collaboration

ROCK can design and implement video conferencing and collaboration solutions that address clients’ exact needs and requirements.

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Business tools to drive collaboration – and results

Successful businesses know that encouraging collaboration is vital to ongoing success. Studies have shown that people are more likely to persevere when they feel that they are working as part of a team. Others have found that organisations that actively promote collaborative working practices are five times more likely to be high-performing than those that do not.

With businesses operating within increasingly globalised environments, though, stakeholders regularly find themselves working from ever more disparate locations. In turn, this creates considerable barriers to effective and meaningful collaboration. Video conferencing solutions, however, enable meaningful communication to take place irrespective of where participants may be located.

Leveraging non-verbal communication

Verbal communication is, in and of itself, inefficient. When people communicate, they subconsciously give off a number of visual cues. Research has shown that 55% of what we convey during conversations come about not from the words we use or our tone-of-voice, but our body language. Effective collaboration, as a result, is driven by face-to-face interactions where participants are able to leverage the full range of tools needed to exchange ideas and thoughts.

Video conferencing solutions tailored to you

In order to provide businesses with video conferencing solutions that address their unique needs, ROCK engage in a series of client-centric consultations designed to glean a holistic understanding of their models, processes and objectives. This understanding is refined via further co-operation and informs the creation of strategies designed to enable effective collaboration whilst adhering to pre-defined limitations.


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