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Internet & Connectivity

ROCK can help organisations source competitively priced leased lines to ensure consistent download and upload speeds of up to 10,000Mbps.

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Maintain speed and performance

Within the modern business, a high-speed and reliable network connection can no longer be viewed as a luxury; rather, it is nothing short of a necessity.

As the availability of internet connections capable of transmitting and receiving large data packets in short spaces of time have grown, multiple business processes are now reliant upon their presence. Typically, the modern business’s digital assets are fragmented. Documents are stored in data centres. Software and applications are not stored on devices but are instead accessed through the cloud. Any organisation whose bandwidths are subject to fluctuations are at a distinct disadvantage as their productivity and ability to compete will be severely hindered.

In terms of monetary cost, a study conducted by storage media manufacturers Sandisk in 2013 revealed that, on average, one week of every employees’ time is wasted per annum as a result of slow networks. To put that in context, this means that a company with 52 employees would be wasting one full-time salary every year.

Assured speed

ROCK can assist organisations that require a more reliable connection source a leased line which, as it is not shared with other users, offers consistent download and upload speeds of up to 10,000Mbps. We can also leverage a vast network of suppliers and relationships with key vendors to expedite implementation and provide consistent and detailed updates throughout the process.

Unparalleled reliability

In order to maintain connectivity, ROCK provide our clients with several contingencies designed to preserve network connectivity in multiple circumstances. For maximum robustness, contingency plans typically incorporate on and off-site solutions including 4G routers that can, in the event of a failure, utilise cellular networks and ensure that key business practices remain unaffected.

With research having shown that downtime costing organisations upwards of £70,000 per hour – or per minute for enterprises – such contingencies are integral to success.


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