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Security Testing and Auditing

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, ROCK mimic the behaviour of cyber criminals to both identify – and close – gaps in clients’ cyber security setups.

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Robust solutions to counter growing threats

Since the internet has been vital in every business, cyber criminals targeted individuals. Over time, though, this changed and, today – aware of the fact that a successful attack will yield greater benefits – hackers are targeting businesses in more targeted ways.

As well as the prospect of greater financial gain (clients’ personal data demands a high-price, for example), cyber criminals know that businesses frequently implement changes to their digital infrastructures, generating vulnerabilities in the process. Combine this with the fact that even data that they cannot sell will usually hold some value to the company – meaning it can be held to ransom – and it becomes clear why modern businesses are now cyber criminals’ victims of choice.

As a successful attack can lead to downtime and lost revenue, large fines or even prevent a company from trading entirely, preventing cyber crime should be amongst any organisation’s greatest priorities. With so many loopholes to close, however, the creation of a robust security strategy can seem impossible – but there is a solution.

Cyber security audit and penetration testing

In order to develop robust cyber security measures and practices, ROCK offer an in-depth and intensive audit to facilitate an overarching understanding of current infrastructure and any problems. Solutions are then identified and implemented before they are subjected to rigorous examination via penetration testing.

Utilising precisely the same techniques leveraged by cyber criminals, ROCK’s team of ethical hackers will subject security solutions to intensive scrutiny in order to locate any remaining security loopholes that nefarious digital criminals could exploit.

From finding open ports to brute force attacks; social engineering tricks to attempts at network infiltration – ROCK will exploit every possible avenue in order to find – and close – any remaining security flaws.


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