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Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance

ROCK leverage an in-depth understanding of clients’ practices and the sectors within which they operate to develop bespoke and agile cyber security strategies that assure compliance.

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Agile sector-specific solutions

Cyber crime has evolved considerably in recent years. The approaches utilised by criminal digital elements have become more nuanced; in particular, the bespoke techniques they frequently leverage when targeting specific industries have been honed exceptionally well.

For decision-makers working within these sectors, the task of tackling cyber crime is made harder by their organisations often being beholden to rules imposed by regulatory bodies. This, coupled with the targeted approaches typically used against the companies that employ them, generates the need for cyber security strategies that are unique to clients and industries.

With cyber security consultants possessing unparalleled knowledge of the unique challenges faced by various industries, ROCK can assist with the development of security measures that address common issues affecting their industry and that work with existing infrastructure and models. The process of creating an appropriate strategy commences with an intensive audit wherein our consultants review current setups, identify pain points and, once the process is complete, design strategies to address them. Plans that negate probable future issues are developed in parallel to this primary strategy.

Strategies designed to adapt

An effective cyber security strategy is one that is frequently scrutinised and altered accordingly. As standard, ROCK’s solutions are agile by design and are subject to regular examination to ensure they continue to provide the most protection possible. We engage in considerable effort to remain abreast of regulatory development to assure strategies are both effective and compliant.



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