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Infrastructure and Endpoint Security Services

ROCK leverage powerful solutions and a holistic understanding of our clients’ practices to secure digital infrastructures and associated endpoints.

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Agile, adaptive and holistic cyber security

The information era and the connected world it has spawned have brought changes that have fundamentally altered the world of business. Written communications can be sent and received instantaneously, team members can communicate seamlessly irrespective of their physical locations and previously time-consuming processes such as invoicing can now be automated leading to greater efficiency.

Whilst advancements in the field of tech have had an overwhelmingly positive effect on organisations, though, it has also brought about vulnerabilities which, if not addressed, can be exploited by cyber criminals. In turn, this can bring about considerable financial loss. These losses are so significant, in fact, that the amount businesses lose per annum as a result of cyber crime averages £20,000 per organisation. Fortunately, ROCK offer advanced and robust solutions to this problem, which include:

  • Next-Gen Anti-Virus
  • Gateway Security Solutions
  • Email Security
  • Web Filtering

Communicate with confidence

The vast majority of successful cyber attacks are attributable to human error. In total, 95% can be linked back to a user downloading an infected file, clicking on a malicious link or similar activity. Following them having done so, the device they are using becomes infected, with the virus then going on to infect any associated network.

ROCK can install advanced filtration systems that will prevent correspondence containing malicious files or links from reaching users. In turn, this prevents endpoints – and therefore networks – from becoming infected. Vitally, any quarantined communications can be retained, in a safe environment, for up to 99 years. This archive can be quickly reviewed and correspondence sifted for e-discovery purposes making this solution ideal for industries obliged to retain communications for regulatory purposes.

Real-time, AI-powered network monitoring

ROCK harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to maintain a holistic image of clients’ networks and detect atypical changes in real-time.  Deep-learning algorithms continuously observe network activity in order to immediately determine malicious activity before isolating and eliminating it, thus negating the threat of highly-advanced attacks including any that originate from within an organisation.


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