Identity and Access Management

ROCK implement robust authentication procedures to prevent unauthorised access to clients’ various digital assets and improve employee productivity.

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Secure authentication processes

Media portrayals of cyber criminals may suggest that they exclusively leverage advanced techniques in order to gain access to restricted digital areas and assets but, in reality, this simply isn’t the case. A 2018 study from Verizon revealed that 80% of successful breaches come about because a hacker has successfully obtained the necessary credentials. Credential stuffing and brute force attacks (where software is used to rapidly enter a variety of login details until access has been achieved) are behind 90% of all login attempts made online.

In short, it’s vital that organisations do all that they can to ensure their authorisation processes are as robust as possible.

Robust user verification

Coupling the latest in artificial intelligence with central management systems, ROCK’s authentication portals consider identifying characteristics – including IP addresses, MAC addresses etc. – to detect login attempts that are likely to be malicious. In the event that an attempt is deemed to have originated from an unauthorised entity, two-factor authentication is activated when the correct credentials are provided.

Both the characteristics that will be leveraged to authenticate login attempts and further validation requirements are determined through in-depth and rigorous consultations with each client.

Enhancing productivity with single sign-on

Ubiquitous adoption of cloud-based applications and infrastructures has left employees needing to remember several sets of credentials leading to inefficient processes and also costly downtime. With ROCK’s Smart Single Sign-On feature, users can login to all applications through one individual portal, resulting in a streamlined and simplified procedure.


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