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Cyber Security Services

ROCK leverage an in-depth understanding of our clients’ practices and infrastructures to develop bespoke and highly robust cyber security solutions.

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Bespoke, effective cyber protection

‘There are companies that have been hacked… and those that don’t know they’ve been hacked.’ This statement, whilst now so ubiquitous that it can be viewed as little more than a cliché, is actually alarmingly accurate. In the UK, a small business is hacked every 19 seconds and, in 2018, 88% of all businesses reported a digital breach of some kind.

To make matters worse, in 2018, GDPR came into effect. Designed to increase awareness of both the prevalence of cyber crime and enhance organisations’ awareness of their duty of care with regards to customers' sensitive data, this legislation can be leveraged by regulators as a means of enacting severe penalties on bodies that flout their responsibilities. Maximum fines now stand at €20 million or, for larger companies, 4% of annual global turnover.

Fail to secure your digital infrastructure and a breach – plus a significant fine – is inevitable. With increasingly complex setups, however, comes the need for expertise and bespoke solutions that only the world’s largest organisations can formulate in-house. ROCK, though, collaborate with our clients – gaining a comprehensive understanding of practices and infrastructure – to provide them with tailored and effective cyber security solutions.

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